NC's Opportunity Deficit Only Getting Worse

I noted Rob Christensen’s article in Sunday’s N&O and his point that North Carolina’s unemployment rate has gone up for 4 straight months and yet the NC Senate wants to cut funding for 8,400 teachers assistants.

That unemployment rate is going to go up, not down. Explain this to our GOP electeds? Even if we chose the least confrontational manner possible to point out that in 59 of our 100 counties the public school system is the county’s largest employer, it would not change the minds and votes of our GOP leadership.

Why? Because they no longer consider the people of North Carolina as their constituents. They don’t feel they need to answer to us. They don’t feel a need to even explain themselves. They are following the governing model of cheap labor conservatives and they will force that into place in our state no matter how many of our people are hurt by it. They don’t answer to us anymore.

No charter school, or private school, is going to come into our 59 counties and hire the same number of people that worked for the public schools. That would hurt their profit model.

No private company is going to run internet cable access down every mountain valley and dirt road in our state. There is no profit in it for them. They have said so.

No matter if they lower the corporate tax rate to 0%, no company is going to move to NC without the additional incentives they would get by moving to another state.

Where does it end?

They are creating a deficit not of money but of opportunities for the people of our state. And they don’t care.



Wait a minute, I could have sworn I heard ...

... something about a budget surplus. IIRC it was in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Seems like that would pay for all of those TA's and then some.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?