NCGA seeks to enable predatory, discriminatory rental and housing practices

What began as a misconceived sex education bill was hastily converted last night into an open door to predatory rental and housing practices, to previously barred discrimination, and to abuse of workers. It deliberately slams the door on sound downtown redevelopment and urban development practices.

Even before it was made into a hammer with which to demolish sound municipal ordinances, the bill was a vehicle for the return of failed abstinence-only sex education to the schools, and a disemboweling of qualifications for sex education instructors.

Spinning as reform what is in fact a wholesale demolition of carefully considered local ordinances, #NCGA Sen. Chad Barefoot said, "We don't want to have a patchwork of laws in North Carolina with regard to businesses and what they do." As if permitting rental of housing without heating or plumbing were a reform.

Outrunning the headlong rush to get this destructive legislation on #DAG #McCrory's desk, Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter has filed sound objections. He warns that provisions in the bill that would , for example, "prevent the city from enforcing its housing code," would "set our community back nearly half a century and will have lasting negative impact."

The bill serves no legitimate public interest.

Addendum: The NCGA House "beat back an effort for quick approval," WRAL reported late Tuesday afternoon, voting 66-47 to send the bill back to the House Rules Committee.



Reckless disregard

The NC GOP's contempt for the rights of individuals is astounding.