NCDP Flat Broke and in Debt $129,000

The election of a new chair to lead the North Carolina Democratic Party is right around the corner and the State Executive Committee still has not been informed where their meeting will be held on February 7. It is assumed that the meeting was changed from Daniels Middle School in Raleigh to TBD because the school did not have enough parking to accommodate a meeting of this size. The Facebook event has not been updated and people continue to ask on the event page where the meeting is going to be held so that plans can be made.

Conspiracy theories are starting to fly ranging from it being a delay tactic to it being a way to prevent mountain voters from making it to the meeting, but a far more likely reason that the SEC meeting has not yet found a home is that the party is flat broke and finding a location to house an expected 600+ attendees at this late date is not going to be cheap.

Financial reports were posted today and the party shows under $6000 cash on hand with $129,000 debt. Nice. Very nice.

NCDP finances




Not good.

Nope...but maybe...just maybe

It will force SEC members to look beyond personalities and focus on electing a chair who can raise money. We need a chair and a really solid ED. Of course....we would need an ED who doesn't mind working for free for the first month! LOL

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Keep in mind that the tax

Keep in mind that the tax check off used to bring in all the money, not the Chair. And, personally, no ED should be asked to work for free.

...and the response was to run off anyone who didn't share their

world view. I have heard more bad-mouthing of the fundraisers and donors from the Voller crowd than I have ever heard before. How childish is it to whine about not having any money and to turn and curse the very people who have kept this party financially afloat? the correct response is to raise money like crazy from the few people who trust you and tighten your belt. The correct response is to change the behavior that causes donors to lose trust in you instead of digging in and doubling down. The correct response is to stop traveling on the party's dime and to not give money to the Georgia Governor's race.

Nobody asked Casey to work for free that I'm aware of, but her claim to fame is the Blue Ballot initiative which isn't even a new or original idea and the materials went out so late that many counties had already put together their own palm cards. I know we had.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Just 100 donors @ $10,000 per month each will do the trick!

We are talking about over one million dollars cut from the NCDP budget by SB 589, no big deal.

Or just 10 donors who will pledge (and deliver) $100,000 each, what's the problem? Any Chair should be able to do that, right?

I've got someone you need to meet

Her name is Constance, and apparently she has an ironclad, no-way-it-can-fail plan to refill the funding buckets. Or are they baskets? Whatever, they'll get filled up with the quickness.

No...not just any chair

The chair will have to be someone the donors (small and large) trust rather than the driver of the clown car.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.