NCDP Chair Randy Voller announces he will not run for second term

Randy Voller announced the news at the Executive Council meeting. No announcement in the larger Executive Committee meeting.

So far no fights have broken out. :)

I will add more once we arrive home. Adopting resolutions has been tedious, but much of the rest of the meeting has been very interesting. The best moment was the unexpected entry of Justice Cheri Beasley. She received a raucous standing ovation and was moved to tears. Second best moment was the surprise entrance of Justice Robin Hudson. Second only because she is not facing a recount.



Thank you, Randy

I supported Randy way back when, and I wish things had worked out differently for him and for the Democratic party. It's the toughest of jobs and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Randy's progressive streak and experience on the ground in Chatham were welcome qualities that the party could use more of, not less. But I fear we're heading the other direction. Old-school Democrats. A species whose time has come and gone.

I wrote to Bev Perdue once saying she had the chance to be the first of something instead of the last of something. The Democratic party in North Carolina is worse off because she didn't listen.

The next Big Cheese in the Democratic party needs to be the first of something.

Anyone who is a person will eventually have feet of clay

Voller has done a great with great undeserved duress. A fair number of people tried to destroy him personally, professionally and politically, as also with Casey Mann. Randy is a manager, something with which folks in the Democratic Party are unfamiliar - but Repubs have gobs of men and women who know how to make decisions under duress--and they do. We dither. His job was not to raise money or to win campaigns - his job was to rebuild the fallen infrastructure so others could win campaigns. We have had an old guard who will/would not let go. We have faction ridden groups who are still nursing grudges as old as the War to Free the Slaves. And, Voller did this for free,as a civic duty, with bunches of ankle biters trying to drag him down. As Dan Blue said, the civil war must cease and NOW. Whoever is elected must first and foremost be an experienced manager, which most people are not. We will see if the self righteous dissidents in this play can drop the crap and play fair - for which some learning must take place. We need the Democratic Party, although I would really be elsewhere. I remember in 2004 or 4 at the Winston Salem PDNC meeting, I was running with Mack Whatley for president, and suddenly certain parties changed the rules/bylaws just prior to the election. I got up and recused myself because folks were not going by the established rules but moving the goal posts. Still feel that way. Do not like slick shenanigans. Felt good, but disappointing. Randy has done a great job for little thanks under great duress for no pay. What in hell do the idiots want?



Good. The NCDP does not need any more of his

... kind of "leadership". The fiasco with his interference in Union Co. just adds to a list of bad decisions on his part. One of the last things I did in my role as an active Dem was to vote for him as chair. It was the right vote at the time as he did seem to have a lot of good qualities, but now I wish we had picked someone else. Three chairs in a row have been disappointing. Time for an energetic, experienced candidate to reverse that trend.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Hang it up

Give it a break. And NCDP suffers from poor rules, policies and procedures and a plethora of so called leaders. The rot is deep and of long standing. This is the type of thing Dan Blue spoke of today when he said the civil war has to stop now, right now. Union County could have done much to solve its own problems, the fact they turned to Voller shows they were unable or unwilling - something I know some will find disagreeable.



Having it both ways are we?

I rightly bring up Voller's many missteps and it's a "civil war" that I am perpetuating? Yet in multiple posts here you slam conservative democrats excluding them from the big tent that democrats have tried to maintain for decades.

Questioning authority is very American, and I will continue to do so, especially when that authority screws up as much as Voller has. Got news for you ... you are the conservative good ole boy democrat in the Voller debate.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

The conspiracy theorist in me

has been asking some nagging questions. Like, "Didn't David Parker say he wasn't running again for Chair?"

When I tried to explain to Conspiracy Theorist Steve that Parker's term hadn't actually expired yet, that he had to resign first before new people could be chosen, CTS then asked, "Well, what would happen if somebody decided to go ahead and nominate Randy anyway in February? Whether you put your name forward or not, it all starts with a nomination, right? And then everybody votes, and voila. Randy is Chair again."

And then I laughed at him, but it was kind of a forced laugh...

Oh...we had that conversation on the way home in the car

All it takes is a nomination from the floor. I imagine just about everyone there is thinking the same thing.

I have another update for tomorrow about what happened at the end of the meeting, but I'm exhausted and am going to bed.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Your inability to take him at face value

Your inability to take him at face value says more about you than ever about him. And, as a participant in the Parker event, the cabal was on the other side with Council of State players trying to defenestrate Parker for not giving up the tax checkoff money, taking it from districts and counties, than any other thing. Oh, and by the way, Parker voted for Obama as a super delegate vice Hillary - terrible. And the charade which played out took in lots of gullible people, perhaps including you. And, yes Parker had feet of clay. So, let's all give it a rest. Let's take him at his word, I have found him quite honorable, not so many others in this play.



Give it a rest, Bill

Steve and I were joking, but I have plenty of reason to not trust Randy Voller. First hand experience, in fact.

Why can't you take what happened in Union County at face value? You are so intent on defending the indefensible that you are not capable of understanding how damaging Randy's actions were to our county. There was no excuse. There was nothing we could do. I have EVERY reason to not take Randy Voller at his word because his word is meaningless to me based solely on what he did to me personally and what he did to many of my friends, neighbors, and fellow Democrats here in Union County.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Yes, it was a joke

And maybe one with poor taste, but behind every decent political parody there is usually some reality or previous act to give it coloring.

And just for the record, I was originally a supporter of David Parker. He and his opponent live-blogged here at BlueNC, and David's engagement was detailed and impressive. It took him a couple of days to answer everybody's questions and explain his positions on a wide range of subjects, and I'd be willing to bet that attention to detail shown here was integral in his being elected the first time.

Needless to say, I was shocked at what happened later. And then shocked some more. Getting used to getting shocked, if you catch my drift.

So, get busy and organize, all of you

So Betsy, get busy and really organize, with all your friends, enemies and the indifferent for the period until 2020, when we need to really win. Joking you may be but others do not understand and it is not reasonable to leave them to interpolate. We need all the messaging and education we can muster.



We all contribute, in our own way

Betsy has busted her tail working for the Democratic Party in Union County, while also keeping the cogs of this (BlueNC) machine running properly.

My contribution is here, for the most part. I've done some on-the-ground Party stuff, but it's not enough to even mention. Not sure why I mentioned it...Anyway, working to expose irregularities and downright corruption from elected Republicans, trying to chronicle all the damage they've done, the pain felt by different groups of people who found themselves in the GOP's crosshairs, trying to anticipate future outrages in an effort to head them off at the pass, spending countless hours researching issues in an effort to refine a few paragraphs of written word, and generally trying to reduce the static noise of a daily news dump into something that can be heard and understood.

These things are important. I wouldn't have been doing them for seven+ years if they weren't. It may not fit into what some consider a successful party-building or GOTV formula, but the next time you hear people talking about an issue and you step in and tell them what's really happening, take a moment and think about where your information came from. It may not always be from here, but it will be quite often.

Republicans meet in their

Republicans meet in their tent, and they all leave arm in arm, walking lockstep, ready to carry out their orders.

Democrats leave their tent, straggling through different exits, going in different directions, and muttering, I don't like that idea, I'm going to do it my way.

This is both our strength and our weakness.

Yep, and what drives me even crazier:

Republican leaders in the NCGA have demonstrated time and time again they can't be trusted, they say one thing and do the opposite. Yet rank and file Republicans trust them explicitly.

What do NC Democrats do? We start off not trusting each other, and gather whatever inconsequential and often imaginary evidence to back up that mistrust.

I am not sure that is as true these days as it used to be

The R's are having their own internal squabbles with the advent of the T party. I bet Boehner is working on an ulcer from trying to get the House R's to work in unison. (One can hope anyways!)

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

In NC too

The Rethugnicans aren't as united as you'd think. They're still trying to hold together a loose coalition made up of fiscal "Chamber of Commerce" conservatives, libertarian "Ayn Rand makes me horny" types, Christian wingnuts and general bigots and conspiracy theorists.

You see it playing out in NC between McCrory and the Christian wingnuts he's holding at bay, the Chamber of Commerce Republicans that get an ulcer whenever Dan Forrest or Phil Berger opens their mouth, and the general animosity between Tillis and Berger.

McCrory and Tillis have their picture in the dictionary under the definition for "doofus", but they understand that the kind of people who show up for a mid-term are very different than the voters that turn out in a general election. This time, Tillis coordinated with NOM and got the hardcore Christian wingnuts and bigots to turn out for him under the banners of fighting a gay marriage law that's going down in flames and using the Obamacare race card.

The only thing these different groups have in common is a love of money they can get from state coffers for their cronies consultants, friends in business, churches, religious schools, and themselves.

The only thing that will start clearing out this mess is getting some hard evidence for corruption charges. They'll start turning against each other and running for cover like roaches under a sun lamp.

Ayn Rand makes me horny

is easily the phrase of the month (perhaps the year) in my opinion. Well done teddyrooseveltprogressive! It's clever, it's humorous, it's intuitive, it's true, it's a label we can easily place on several well known nut jobs without even thinking too hard (Rand-Paul-Ryan, Lt. Dan, etc.).


P.S. Just to be clear, Ayn does nothing whatsoever for me. :-)

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Of course Ayn Rand does nothing for you ...

She wouldn't help any of the little people. You are undeserving of assistance of any kind ... you are not Atlas, ... you are not a titan of industry, I bet you haven't even shrugged lately. :)

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Not an anagram but

Tillis Shrugged.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Ayn Rand....

... was the Kim Kardashian of economic theory in the 70s.

She popped up in media all the time because she was a trainwreck of a person that always guaranteed some fireworks when she was on a talk show. But there was really nothing "up there".