NCAE Judicial Endorsements

The NC Association of Educators just released its endorsements on the PR Newswire.

Supreme Court

Sarah Parker (Chief Justice)
Patricia Timmons-Goodson (Associate Justice, Timmons-Goodson seat)
Mark Martin (Associate Justice, Martin seat)
Robin Hudson (Associate Justice, Wainwright seat)

Court of Appeals

Robert C. "Bob" Hunter (Associate Justice, Hunter seat)
Linda Stephens (Associate Justice, Stephens seat)

I don't know much about all these folks. Does anyone have a quick read on the wisdom of these endorsements?


Sarah Parker and Timmons-Goodson

Are both very competent jurists, Democrats, and female. For me that seems to be enough to vote for them.

Mark Martin is a Republican, nice guy personally (at least the couple of times I saw him in the law school, he was an '88 grad of UNC Law), and former legal counsel to governor Martin.

Hudson I do not know. Her bio is here: Seems nice enough but for some reason I thought I was supporting someone else for this seat.

I will hit the COA candidates later.

Thanks, Targator.

It's good to have friends in high places!

Fair and Balance NCAE Judicial Endorsements????

This small group of elite board lobbists didn't send out question and answer
form to none of the candiates for the offices or interview candiates.

Therefore they are like the fair and balance Foxx network O'Reilly
Show when issuing supporting and non-supporting opinions. This is the same group of elite board members that supported Republican candiate
Patrick Balletine in the Gover race of 2004 and Republican candiate
for State School Super Bill Flector

Also, very early

They are judging the candidates before the campaign even begins. A little shady by my standards. Might be one reason that they only endorse the incumbent or Hudson, a sitting justice on the Court of Appeals.