NCAA ain't playing with North Carolina: Thanks Baddour!

Dick Baddour will step down as athletic director at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill this summer. The announcement came a day after the school fired football coach Butch Davis amid an NCAA investigation into the program. "It was pretty evident to me as the decision unfolded that that's in the best interest of the football program," Baddour said at a news conference. "That's a realization that if you're in this business, your head football coach needs to know who the athletic director is going to be.” Baddour's contract is up in June 2012.

But Dick left a virtual cornucopia of carnage in his wake. The NCAA has placed North Carolina's football program on three years' probation and banned it from the 2012 postseason, the governing body announced. The school had already self-imposed several penalties, including vacating all 16 wins for 2008 and 2009, reducing nine scholarships over the next three academic years and putting the program on two years of probation. But the NCAA didn't stop at UNC's self-imposed penalties, finding that the school was responsible for violations including academic fraud, impermissible agent benefits, participation by ineligible players and a failure to monitor the football program.

Think of all those kids who are paying such a harsh price for the decisions of the ethically challenged adults in charge of the athletic program. I think they should do a little time in the slammer! Just plain sad.