NC5 - Better this time around

Virginia Foxx's Halliburton Corporate ID Badge

In 2004, I bitched plenty about our sorry choice for a Democratic US Congressman for the 5th District here in North Carolina.

Here in North Carolina’s 5th US Congressional District, the Democrats lost the 2004 race because the race was between Republican Virginia Foxx and a Republican running as a Democrat, Jim Harrell.

Here was Harrell’s platform…

Against Choice.
Christian Evangelical and will vote based on those principals
Supported tort reform
Against stem cell research (he is a MD)
Member of the National Rifle Association
Did not support firearm registration

The sad thing, these were the exact same credentials (minus the NRA membership) that Foxx had going into the race.

Exactly how did the NC Dems let this guy on the damn ticket? He was no where near progressive and was just more of the same as Richard Burr who just vacated the seat.

It is my continuing belief that the only way progressive politics is going to make its way back into legislation is to run progressives as independent candidates. I used to be an avid supporter of third parties, but they have been unable to get their act together for the last 20 years. It is time to move on to other strategies.

Enter Roger Sharpe.

I met with Drew, his campaign manager today and we discussed the candidate and what he can do for the 5th District.

I think those of us in the blogosphere need to get the netroots out for Sharpe. Ain't no one else going to do it.

My goal is to create such a buzz on the net that we can attract Kos and others to our cause and hopefully, lend us a hand.

Who is with me? How many 5th District Ninjas are out there?


His campaign manager drops by

and Roger gave Lance a beautiful interview. Howie Klein selected Roger as a Blue America candidate, and did a little bit of fundraising for him, but that's all I know so far. We will certainly do our best to get you comments and recommends. Roger is a great guy. I'm kinda swamped for writing time, though. We'll all rally to make noise, though.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'm in.

I've only been a commenter and cheerleader so far, but I will do whatever I can. Start feeding us information, leads, news, stunts, "gimmicks" and events to promote.

If you want help dissecting the old witch, I'm definitely there.

It's still on the front . . .

but it did get pushed down the page a little because of all the discussions and recommendations flying around this morning.

Keep 'em coming!


But...she's made canvassing students a lot easier!

In 2000 she tried to launch a criminal investigation into the ASU freshman seminar program for...DUN DUN DUNNNNN...REGISTERING STUDENTS TO VOTE!

I disagree that Jim Harrell is the same as Richard Burr. In fact, I completely disagree. He was a good guy, though not a progressive.

Virginia underpreformed Bush by 7% in our district in 2004! We can take her out! Roger is an amazing candidate and a wonderful man.

My "Virginia Foxx is a Racist" post documenting Foxx's awful votes against minorities was heavily edited, and put in the Appalachian State school newspaper under the title "Republicans reveal true colors."

Keep it up guys! We are ramping up the student canvassing in the next few weeks to register voters, and LOTS of Republicans are plenty mad at Foxx.

Id KILL to see a poll done on this district.

Also...funders...PLEASE consider Roger. He needs help covering his basic expenses to finish the campaign, and Virginia Foxx is SUCH A FUCKING BITCH!!! AHHHHRRRGGGGHhh!!!