NC Young Dems back NC House Bill 91

Registration & Voting at One-Stop Sites:

“In-Person Registration”

Summary of NC House Bill 91 (Sponsored by Reps. Ross, Holliman, Parmon, Tolson)

Purpose: This bill allows a person who misses the cut-off for registration (25 days before the election) to go to a One-Stop voting site, show proper ID, register and vote. One Stop sites are open from 19 to 3 days before Election Day – the “early voting” period. All ballots in this period are retrievable (technically, they are “in-person absentee ballots”), so if a problem is found, the ballot can be pulled and not counted in the official canvass of vote totals. The State Board of Elections says the procedures in H-91 provide for “secure and accessible voting.”

What Documentation Does the Person Present?

Under H-91, a person fills out a registration form in the presence of an elections official, shows proof of residence, and signs a statement, under penalty of perjury, that he or she is a US citizen and resides at the address given. Documents that show proof of residence include a NC driver’s license or other government-issued ID, a utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document. The State Board of Elections may designate additional documents or procedures to establish proof of residence.

How is the Person’s Information Verified?

The verification process begins as soon as the registration is entered into the computer, just like all other registrations. The NC driver’s license or Social Security number (which is now part of the information on voter registration forms) is automatically transmitted to the Division of Motor Vehicles for verification, and the status of matches or near matches quickly returns to the county for confirmation or possible further research. A verification of the address also begins with a mailing sent to the person; there are at least 10 days between the end of the early voting period and the canvass, time enough for mail to be returned if the addressee is unknown. The person’s vote is counted, unless the county board finds a problem with the applicant’s ID or address.

Can the Technology at One-Stop Sites Handle SDR?

The One-Stop, Early Voting sites are all equipped with computers, which currently allows the elections official to update the voter history records to prevent duplicate voting and also update an exiting voter’s address or name (because of marriage, etc.). This same technology would be used for the registration process. No new technology would be needed. (An existing voter cannot use In-Person Registration to change his or her party affiliation during a partisan primary.)

What About Voter Fraud?

In-person registrations are much more secure and reliable than registrations through the mail or a voter drive. There are no more actual cases of fraud in states with In-Person Registration than in states without In-Person Registration. (Six states have IPR on Election Day itself: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Idaho, New Hampshire, and Wyoming. Montana began Election-Day IPR in 2006)

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Voting should always be this easy.

Way to go, Rep Parmon

She's from my area, and it's nice to see somebody trying to bring more folks to the table.

Let me guess which party will provide stern resistance to a measure that will bring in more voters. . .hmmmm

War is over if you want it.

Great idea

Good summary and questions. I hope it passes.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"


On one hand, I think it should be as easy as possible for people to legally register and vote.

On the other hand, I consider voting a civic duty and therefore have no sympathy for anyone over 18 who is not registered to vote. I am inclined to say, "if you can't get off your butt anytime before 25 days prior to an election and get registered, you don't deserve to vote."

Lots of reasons

What if you have just moved?
What if you dont know where to register?
What if the media spends so much time talking about politicians like they are scum that you didnt know good people exist?
What if you have a job that prevents you from voting (its illegal but it happens)?
What if you cant easily get to a place with registration forms?

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

Some good reasons..

but most people I have encountered who don't vote and/or are not even registered are that way for none of those reasons. They just didn't feel like bothering to fill out a card at the DMV, library, BOE, etc. at any point in their adult lives. If all of the sudden after many years of sheer laziness/apathy they are "inspired" on election day to go vote but can't because they didn't bother to register, I have little sympathy for them.

Looking forward to passage...

I am very confident based on the support we received from the legislature that this will pass.