NC Student Power Union to UNC board - debt free students by 2020

The NC Student Power Union, a student rights group in the state formed during the Occupy protests, is calling on the UNC administration to create a plan to ensure that no student has to incur debt for a college education in the state by 2020.

Days after a 500 student walkout at UNCG, the NC Student Power Union is headed to the UNC Board of Governors with a big idea: that no student in the system should graduate with debt.

In North Carolina, section IX of our constitution directs that higher education should be "as far as practicable, extended to the people of the state free of expense." While the language of “free as practicable” leaves room for debate, we as students and residents of North Carolina can be sure that the writers of our state constitution did not envision a UNC that forces young people to take on significant debt to access college. Now is our time to demand a change.

Petition at the link.