NC Senator Robert Lee Holloman, District 4

Senator Robert Lee Holloman is running for re-election in NC Senate District 4. He has served two terms and represents one of the largest districts in geographical terms in the state senate. The counties included in his district are Bertie, Chowan, Gates, Halifax, Hertford, Northampton and Perquimans. You can go here to see a colorful map of all NC Senate districts.(PDF)

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Senator Holloman is a pastor in Ahoskie, NC. He replaced Senator Frank Ballance when Ballance ran for US House and won. He faces Republican Ken Chandler in November. This district has traditionally voted for Democrats, so I'm not sure that Senator Holloman is facing a serious threat. His votes tend to follow the party line, however there aren't that many contentious partisan votes in the NC Senate. You can find Senator Holloman's votes here. (PDF)

Senator Holloman co-chairs the State and Local Government committee and sits on several others including the Select Committee on Homeland Security and OneNC.

The eastern part of our state has traditionally been rich with rural farmlands. This 4th Senate District is no exception and is home to tobacco and cotton farms. Vegetables and melons have replaced tobacco as the demand for it has dropped. The area is also home to many large hog farms.

Most of us think of down east as beach country, but that's not the only reason to head east. Halifax County boasts the state's best deer hunting. The town of Scotland Neck has festivals and awards banquets during hunting season. There are also beautiful natural areas to enjoy like the Roanoke Canal Trail, also found in Halifax County.

There is very little information on the web about the good senator and I would have liked to have been able to present an interview. As you know, these early interview requests have come at a very busy time when our legislators were getting ready to wrap up their session. If Senator Holloman has time for an interview I will include it at a later date.


Click on the county map

to get a larger version. These little writeups are harder to do than I thought. I either had too much information (general info about the area) and couldn't pare it down or I had too little (about the candidate) and couldn't beef it up.

At least we have him in the BlueNC candidate data files now. Before I add a tag for him I need to ask ya'll a question about the tags. Should I just keep these under the NC Senate tag or should each candidate have their own separate tag. I didn't want the tags list to get unwieldy.

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Also...just for those wondering

I'm not real picky about sticking to a calendar, but it helps spread out the senators and reps so we aren't piling a ton of them on in one day. Today would have been day one, but I'm pretty sure Rep. Butterfield will give Anglico an interview. We'll post it when it happens regardless of the calendar. I'll shift those that aren't claimed (I'm doing them) around to help with the scheduling. Just let me know when you're ready for your posts to run so I don't step on your toes.

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I've sent two email inquiries and have received no response to either. I'll keep you posted, but it doesn't look encouraging.

Well....I've stolen the National Journal

In-depth piece on him. I can copy and paste with the best of them! ;) We'll do what we can and that's all we can do.

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Thanks, SD!

Great job.

I do too

I haven't given up, though. I think I caught them at a bad time and it was a quick turnaround. I thought that I might wait to put this up to see if he might respond at a later date, but we have a lot of ground to cover. It will be easy to post an interview at a later date and link to these background pieces.

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More of the same ole Democrat corruption

N.C. senator could face prosecution for failing to report $23,000

Associated Press

Gary D. Robertson


A state senator accused of not reporting more than $23,000 in campaign contributions could face criminal charges after the State Board of Elections forwarded his case to prosecutors Thursday.

The board also ordered Sen. Robert Holloman, D-Hertford, to pay a fine of $1,750, the amount that the board believes that Holloman's campaign received from businesses or corporations. It is illegal in North Carolina for campaigns to accept corporate contributions.

Holloman contended he was unaware of some campaign requirements and hadn't intentionally broken the law.

"My reports may have some errors and mistakes," he said, but, "Robert Holloman has nothing to hide."

The board also determined Thursday that Rep. Howard Hunter, D-Hertford, also appeared to have not filed required reports on more than $9,000 in campaign donations and expenses.

Board members agreed to put off possibly fining Hunter until after they consult with the Wake County District Attorney's office.

Hunter, carrying an oxygen tank with him to the witness table, said he was surprised to learn that he raised $9,180 during the 2004 election cycle. He said he believed he raised less than $3,000, which would have exempted him from filing a campaign report.

"I'm floored that it was that much," said Hunter, who has been hospitalized in recent weeks.

The board uncovered Hunter's and Holloman's records as it investigated possible campaign finance violations by the campaign of House Speaker Jim Black, D-Mecklenburg, his fellow optometrists, and former Rep. Michael Decker, R-Forsyth, a close ally of Black.

Black's attorneys came to Thursday's hearing to offer the testimony of Eddie Speas, the state's former No. 2 government attorney. Speas, a former chief deputy attorney general, has filed an affidavit challenging the findings of a board investigator. Investigator Kim Strach, said last month that it appeared Black's campaign had violated the law by accepting incomplete checks from optometrists.

Black also testified last month that he filled in Decker's name on blank payee lines on $4,200 in checks that the speaker had received from optometrists. Black says the practice is lawful, but has asked a House committee to recommend banning such campaign contributions.

So what is your point?

You did a good job of copying verbatim an article that this senator had to pay a small fine for accepting contributions against the rules. At most this shows a failure to supervise and not corruption. Corruption would require some showing of intent and possibly personal benefit.

Furthermore, lest we forget the many Republicans sent before the BOE, including the good Mr. Pope.

Anyway. I do not see what point you are trying to make specifically. Try using your own words rather than cutting and pasting others.

The failure to use words correctly probably indicates

that this author isn't using her or her own words because they would be unintelligible. I mean, if you use words in the title of a comment and you don't even know what those mean....

More Republican Cowardice

As if the 101st Fighting Keyboardists weren't bad enough, now we have sheep in kitty-kat clothing coming to BlueNC and posting without the nads to show themselves.

Your a coward and a fool, unable to even form your own cogent thoughts, you are forced to cut and paste 5 month old stories about a man on oxygen who had been in the hospital and overlooked a few donations.

How Immoral, How Republican.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.



What the hey?

Please explain Bwahhh....should that have been a thrown kiss as in Mwahhh? or a laugh as in Bwahahahah?

Or, is it just you crying? bwahhhhhhhhh?

Fortunately, oh brave Anonymous one

there's currently no finding of gross wrongdoing on the part of these men. Not that I could find. I couldn't even find if anything was pending. (Really, really sloppy bookkeeping) Holloman's status is active with the SBOE which means he is in compliance.

Even Elizabeth Dole has been fined for receiving illegal campaign contributions. It's only big news when they refuse to pay their fines, like Dole has. Robin Hayes received illegal contributions (overages) but the FEC and the SBOE give candidates time to make corrections. His campaign made those corrections in the time allotted. (Dammit)

Now Decker and Black...there's no excuse. None.

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Lance, it's admirable that you allow

anonymous posters here, I've visited a number of Republican sites and not only do you have to give them way too much info, but most of the time you have to wait 48 hours or more to post.

One thing about Dems....we may not be organized....but we're INCLUSIVE

Obviously our Anon wants to get a rise out of us....just wonder how much of that "ole Republican corruption" they acknowledge.

After all, Bush HAS to take away all our civil rights to protect us...Yes?

In the end, it's a community decision

That begins with the admins but which has been shaped by everyone here. We do value open discussion more than message control, but it's still possible that trolls will abuse the system to the point that we'll have to at least narrow the floodgates. The next step will be to require that anonymous comments be approved by community members, but hopefully it will be a long time before we have to go there. Thanks, mo!

Been living in the district

Been living in the district for 20 years. Holloman is by far the most corrupt Democrat in Raleigh. But alas his district is gerrymandered to fit and nothing he does will effect his reelection. This is one bad apple we should have taken out in the primary.

1976, can you back that up?

Facts—even specific allegations—will go a lot farther towards making your point than anonymous opinion. Thanks.

1976...he couldn't be the worst

The worst is in jail. I can't find anything filed or documented. There are no legal proceedings or complaints except the really small amount of corporate donations. Just saying someone is corrupt doesn't make them so. Now...I will admit that I didn't pay to do a full background check on the guy.

The fact that George Bush is a worthless idiot is...well..because he actually is a worthless idiot - not because that's what I've called him all these years.

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