NC Senate is Setting up the House

Wow! That was fast. The entire NC Senate voted unanimously to end video poker in the state of North Carolina. They passed a bill yesterday that would make it illegal everywhere except on the Cherokee reservation in the western part of the state. (aka - Them thar hills.)

To clarify what I mentioned earlier, Black was said to have kept this from coming to a vote on four previous occaisions. He claims it never made it out of committee. Heh. Wonder how that happened? Now it's time to find out who was sitting on the four previous committees. Let's start asking the tough questions.

Follow to the flip side...

It's also time to email your NC House Representative and let them know we are watching. There is a handy dandy take action button that resident genius Whiz Kid McCord set up for us to the left, or if you don't want to look that hard, you can go here.


I'll try to find out who was on committee

so we can apply appropriate pressure. No time like the present to require transparency and nothing is more transparent than an actual vote.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.