NC Senate Committees are now available online

The NC state Senate committees are now up on the General Assembly's website here

Some interesting changes are Martin Nesbitt from Buncombe now heading up Judiciary I. Bob Atwater from the Chatham now heads Agriculture. Other changes are there as well.

For me, a secondary note of interest showing how Basnight's circle hasn't changed much is that the new Vice Chair of Rules is David Weinstein. Walter Dalton was Vice Chair last session. Of course, Rand stills runs the place.

Basnight also usually gives some Republicans some co-chairs, and this year is no different.

Which ones caught your eye?


Don Davis

As a freshman Don Davis is a vice chairman of the Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources Committee. That is fantastic for him, and for us.

"Keep the Faith"

Josh Stein

Vice Chairman of Judiciary 1 -- as a freshman! Wow. Great stuff.