NC Senate bill would place huge burden on educators

Here, put this puzzle together while you're treading water:

A bill filed in the North Carolina Senate today would give school districts until June 30 to come up with a plan for how they’ll ensure remote instruction results in the same learning growth as teaching that occurs at school. It’s hard to articulate how out of touch with reality that expectation is.

North Carolina’s educators are doing the best we can to teach our students in the midst of a global pandemic. As time passes we will continue to find ways to make remote teaching and learning more effective. However, what we’re already seeing is there are an untold number of factors that we have absolutely no control over.

No doubt this bright idea came from the very same people who would do away with every single government regulation that deals with private businesses. It's not unlike what they did to NC DENR (now DEQ) several years ago, when they cut staff deeply, and then told them an "economic impact study" would need to be completed before any new rule was promulgated. Back to Justin:

Coming right out of the gate and setting an impossibly high bar sends the wrong message to our state’s educators at a time of crisis when collaboration is crucial.

What we need most from state legislators as we navigate these uncharted waters is the resources to ensure that all of our students have access to the education that is their right.

If NCGA Republicans really wanted to help school districts achieve parity between online and in-class learning, the very first thing they would need to do is fix our Broadband problem. And that includes making reliable Internet access free for those who can't afford it. On second thought, maybe school districts should bombard the Legislature with the realities of the situation.