NC Senate 20th district - ballot results

We have a new state Senator.

After 4 ballots, Durham County Democratic Party chair Floyd McKissick, Jr., was elected to fill the remaining term of the late Senator Jeanne Lucas.

There were 91 eligible electors. 86 votes were cast on the first ballot, and 83 on each of the subsequent ballots. 44 votes were needed to win on the first ballot, 43 on each of the subsequent ballots, using the "50% + 1 of cast ballots" rules.

After the first ballot, the tally was

McKissick - 38
Black - 24
Cole-McFadden - 17
Johnson - 5
Burnette - 1
Pollard - 1

Due to a quirk in the balloting rules, with two candidates tied for the fewest number of votes, neither was eliminated for the second ballot.

Second ballot results:

McKissick - 38
Black - 28
Cole-McFadden - 12
Johnson - 2
Pollard - 2
Burnette - 1

Brenda Burnette was eliminated after the 2nd ballot.

Third ballot results:

McKissick - 41
Black - 37
Cole-McFadden - 3
Johnson - 1
Pollard - 1

The same quirk mentioned above applied in this round as well. However, both educator/activist Le Harve Johnson and ciy councilmember Cora Cole-McFadden withdrew their names from the ballot.

4th ballot results:

McKissick - 44
Black - 38
Pollard - 1

I think these results represent a clear victory for the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People (hereinafter referred to as the Committee.) They were the only one of the 3 main PACs in Durham to endorse a candidate, and Floyd was their man. Committee chair Dr. LaVonia Allison and Bertha Breeze, elder sister of the late Sen. Lucas worked the crowd through the evening to shore up support for Floyd, and i don't think it was much of a surprise as he picked up the votes he needed as candidates were eliminated following the second and third rounds.

There's no doubt that Floyd brings some baggage with him to his new position. Emails circulating throughout the campaign referred to his past legal troubles and several conflict of interest charges that have been previously aired. There was also a strong sentiment among some electors that the seat which had been filled by a woman should remain filled by a woman.

In the end, however, none of the other candidates had a resume quite so impressive, campaigned quite so hard and well, and built quite as solid a base of support as Floyd.

Congratulations to Floyd McKissick. May he grow into his new responsibilities and represent us well in Raleigh.

Congratulations as well to all of the candidates, and heartfelt thanks to all of the electors who treated this responsibility so seriously. This was a proud moment in my life.

And once again, i'd like to repeat what my fellow elector Harris Johnson wrote:

I am reminding my fellow democrats that we should not burn bridges, and that the enemy is the republican party and George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the Atty. General.

. . .

Again, lets be positive and stick together, we have a fight in front of us, if we are to save this nation. As we build on our strengths let us move forward together, not divided or fragmented regardless [of] who wins Monday evening.


Thanks Barry

Appreciate the update.

And congratulations to Senator-elect Floyd McKissick. I have a feeling he will do a great job.

I don't know too many people

who don't carry some baggage with them. When that is balanced with experience, I think it is easier to overcome. Good luck to Mr. McKissick and congratulations to him and to his supporters. I'm sure he will do a fine job.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Maybe you could get Floyd to come by BlueNC and share some of his views on progressive politics?

As i said in previous

As i said in previous postings, i thought most of the candidates could do a credible job in the Senate, and several were outstanding. Floyd's credentials and grasp of the issues, in particular issues regarding development and the environment, were superior.

The closeness of the vote reflected, i think, some underlying divisions within the county party. The county convention is coming up within the next couple of weeks, and we'll see whether those can be healed by this election, or if they will be exacerbated.

Ii'll send Floyd an invitation to stop by BlueNC and become a part of the community, or at least to engage in a dialog. Capital suggestion, that.

I agree

that Floyd had the best credentials and grasp of the issues. He served as the City Council's liason to the Legislature, and so he fully understands both Durham's needs for local legislation, as well as the limitations caused by an often rural-dominated legislature. He will be an advocate for additional revenue options for local government.

We had a long conversation over the weekend, and he not only understands the issues, he is willing to listen to suggestions and discuss them thoughfully. I expect him to be a leader in the Senate very soon.

Does anyone know if Floyd will be the only Harvard grad in the Legislature?

Mixed feelings...

I'm glad it's filled, and while there was certainly little chance, the spectre of Brenda Burnette representing us in the Senate gave me ugly nightmares.

I'd still rather have seen Mary Ann Black in the position, as I really didn't think much of Floyd when he was on Council, but it's good to hear that he was impressive.

Did you get any sense of whether anyone would challenge him in next year's primary? Or were the other candidates resigned to leave well enough alone?

Barring a scandal

this appointment is for life. The last 2 incumbents in the seat held it until they passed away. I think Floyd will be in the Senate as long as he wants to be.