NC-SEN First Quarter Fundraising Totals

Cal Cunningham:
Total Raised - $344,557.13
Cash on hand - $478,124.74

Elaine Marshall:
Total Raised - $163,449.49
Cash on hand - $180,891.48
(Debt - $71,500)

Ken Lewis:
Total Raised - $108,497.10
Cash on hand - $94,385.06



Good job in the raising money department.

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Democratic Senate candidate Cal Cunningham raised a modest $344,557 during the first quarter of the year, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

While that is considerably more than his Democratic primary opponents, it is far less than what Republican Sen. Richard Burr has raised or what Democrat Kay Hagan raised two years ago, Rob Christensen reports.

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Burr, who raised $1.6 million during the first quarter, had $5.3 million on hand.

I think this highlights just how important it is that we all unite behind the winner of the primary, whoever that may be, quickly and emphatically.


I guess that tweet from the DSCC paid off for Cunningham. Of course when you visit the NC section on the DSCC website the only featured video is of... drum roll please... Cal Cunningham.

Not so worried about DSCC involvement

I feel that with Burr being frequently described as the most endangered GOP incumbent in the Senate that the DSCC will back whoever wins this primary regardless of where they stand now.

And, having just seen Burr's numbers, all 3 candidates are much more like each other in fundraising numbers in the low hundred thousands than they are like Burr who is in the millions.

I applaud all 3 campaigns on their fundraising efforts during such a weak economy and off year election. I think wallets will loosen up a little more after the primary when people can know their donation is going against Burr directly.

I too think the

hate is silly. Attracting fundraising support is a very necessary skill in the political arena.


Obviously the slanderous online comments and blatant misinformation from "sources" who claimed that Cal was being bolstered by the DSCC are false.

What these numbers show is that the NC fundraising pool is paralyzed because there are 3 candidates who appeal to 3 very different, natural constituencies. Therefore, without the biggest names in NC politics or the grassroots able to unite behind a candidate - fundraising is at a practical standstill.

Until one of the candidates wins the primary, do not expect a massive leap in fundraising numbers. At this point in the the 2008 race, Kay was raising more money -- but that is because she had almost the entire NC political apparatus behind her, whereas Neal was still trying to make the best of the outsider funds.

So, obviously the national Dems are staying out of this for the most part -- and specifically on the financial side. Some folks on BlueNC believe that the DSCC likes Cunningham, but it appears that they want to see him get out of this on his own before they help him to catch up to Burr's war chest. I have no idea if they will even feign to do that for Marshall or Lewis. But, then again, those aren't my decisions to make.

I think the national pundits are making this look too bleak. It's certainly going to take national money to make a Burr defeat possible, but until the primary is over, these current numbers do not show the total picture of how well the candidates can galvanize financial support. Cunningham is clearly leading the pack, but until the party came come together around one candidate, there is no discernible gauge for how excited and invested NC Democrats are to financially support the party's nominee to defeat Burr.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?


The DSCC does not deny that they are using their national influence to support a candidate who would otherwise have no chance.

Cal Cunningham does not deny that he would have no "path to victory" without out of state influence.

I haven't looked at the reports (and Frank didn't link to them) but I believe they show that over half of Cunningham's money is from out of state.

Cunningham's corporate contributions will be unlikely to buy him even a run-off, and they certainly will not be sufficient to defeat Burr. If we want to defeat Burr we will need a candidate with his or her own vision.


Once again you fail to disclose your connections to the campaigns. Everyone else who posts at this site has said they are paid staff or volunteers when it applies. You continue to say nasty things, without disclosing that you have been paid by both Ken and Elaine, as recently as March by at least one of the campaigns.

Over 70% of the donors to Cal's campaign were from North Carolina, a number that makes me proud to say I work for him.

"Keep the Faith"

For the record

Jerimee speaks for himself.

He was paid by our campaign to do some data work for us, something we are greatly appreciative of. He is no longer being paid and his opinion is his own.

We know this Mike

but thanks for doing your due diligence and pointing it out for the record.

But, also for the record, would you care to share with us what sort of data work he did and what it told you about the race.

Enquiring minds want to know! :)

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?


Missed comment in another thread.

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks

I do not

That's private campaign stuff, plus it happened before I was hired I believe.


Strange to be accused of not disclosing by a Cunningham staffer using one of his several anonymous accounts. I was quite surprised to learn that you, of all people, would sock-puppet your "home" blog. I suppose once you start compromising your values it's hard to see where to draw the line.


False, are you kidding me? I'm sorry but you mut have missed the Tweet from the DSCC Corndogg and it is no secret that the DSCC talked Cunningham into running. Give me a break!!! The twitter announcement from the DSCC was on 4/6 for Cal's new fundraising effort 3/30/30 (or whatever). Now both Lewis and Marshall had a fundraiser letter out that same day but was there a tweet about that - NO!!!!!

Let's be serious here


If you want to talk tweets, I have seen plenty get written up from non-Cunningham campaigns explicitly hashtagging the DSCC so they can enhance their searchability and closeness to the DSCC. Plus, both of those campaigns have made it clear from very early on (both pre and post entrance) that they sought the backing of national democrats, but that their advances were rebuffed.

Now, I am not knocking either campaign for doing that (these are two very smart people we are talking about), nor do I begrudge the DSCC for not choosing them. Heck, I dont even find it facetious that they claim to run against DC after seeking their support and finding it unrequited. In fact, I think they are smart to do just that in this cycle.

And yes, I have seen the photos of Obama talking to Cunningham and I have seen in various places (respected and not) online that have linked the DSCC and Cal. I have even seen his response that their support was what finally convinced him to go full force in this race. Knock Cal if you want, but I think its pretty deft and calculating for a young, ambitious politician to know that it is going to take a very heavy lift -- one that will need support from national coffers -- to beat a well funded incumbent like Richard Burr. You may call that a sell out, I call is a practical, savvy move for a young politician who understands where his weaknesses are (fundraising, name recognition), as well as where his strengths are (biography, telegneic qualities, youth).

But please, if the DSCC wants to support a candidate, they are completely at liberty to do so. You may not like it, but them's the ropes. I was for Cal looooooooong before he even made serious overtures towards this race and definitely before he gained any statewide or national attention in this race.

I just think you are being a bit daft to think that the DSCC is full on throwing everything but the kitchen sink behind Cunningham, judging by the fundraising numbers. If they truly wanted to end this race, they'd drop a couple million in his coffers and not just retweet something his campaign said on twitter. That hasnt happened -- so you need to just look at the race where it is right now (which i think I did fairly accurately in my comment above) and see how the final few weeks unfold before any candidate -- of the 6 involved -- gets out of this primary and brings together, or perhaps doesn't, the rest of the Democratic party and allies in this state.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?


First, I gotta call on James for this one. What happened to not calling each other names on this blog?
2nd - you're not really answering the point of DSCC sending out a tweet raising awareness of Cal's fundraising effort but did not do so for the other candidates nor does the DSCC have video of any of the other candidates. So, if you think for one minute that the DSCC is not standing behind Cal only in this primary well you're just (fill in the blank) living in a dream world

I dont speak for the DSCC

What has been apparent in overtures on their website (which you point out) and in other communications efforts (Obama speaking to Cal on the phone) that they support him.

So, if they do -- tough! Get over it. The other canidates wanted their support and didnt get it. Cal did. That happens in most every race.

All I am saying is you are really whitewashing this if you think that just because they are more supportive of Cal than other candidates that they are THROWING their support behind him. If that was the case, Cal would have a few million on hand right now.

If all they are doing is leaving a video on their site for him and sending out a tweet (A TWEET!) on his behalf, then all the fears and groaning of the chattering class that the DSCC is manhandling the NC Senate race and drowning out the voices of everyday North Carolinians are blatantly overblown.

These continued wailings are worse, and frankly less important, than scenes in a soap opera.

If you dont like the way Cal has run his campaign - fine. Go vote, contribute and volunteer for another campaign in hopes of beating him. That is of far greater import than your continued arguments on this site.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

Bottom line for me is that

North Carolina democrats should decide who represents them in November. Not dems from outta state. Since it's your candidate getting the help from DSCC, you excuse the interference from the corporate honchos in the District. I didn't like it in 2008, and I don't like it now.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Yo, Ref!

I have a new appreciation for the challenges of trying to mediate disputes in sports. I do my best, and mostly have a "let 'em play" mindset. Especially when it's happening among people I generally admire and appreciate.

For what it's worth, my typical approach is to:

1. Write something gentle to everyone, which I've already done.

2. Explain my reticence to interfere in the discussions of my adult friends, which is what I'm doing now

3. Watch and hope things calm down, rather than escalated

4. Get pissed off if it keeps up

5. Send emails to individuals who seem out of line, asking them to chill

6. Go have a beer and keep my fingers crossed.

I don't know if that's a good approach or not, but it's the one I'm using. I've been proud of BlueNC this primary season ... still am ... and am hopeful that we'll come through in good shape.


PS My advice for life is this: When in doubt, apologize. And be in doubt a lot.

Daft Punk

Sorry. They're just such an amazing band.

And they make me think about the better future we're building here in North Carolina... somewhere deep in a lab underneath the Research Triangle Park.

My favorite

and you chose "Robot Rock." Their all time best.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?


Surely this wouldn't be Cal Cunningham's campaign guru calling me a daft punk would it (in a roundabout way of course -wink, wink)? Speaks volumes of the Cunningham team, real nice Mr. Eaton.

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