NC Republicans pushing junk health insurance as alternative to ACA

The free market might just kill you if you're not careful:

The legislation would allow nonprofit organizations that have existed for at least 10 years, and which offer membership in all 100 counties, to offer their members health benefit plans. Unlike other health insurance plans and coverage offered by employers, these benefit plans wouldn’t be required to cover a minimum set of health care services. And plans could be priced at different levels so that people with pre-existing health conditions would be charged more or else not have their pre-existing conditions covered.

“It creates a false sense of security,” said Peg O’Connell, a lobbyist for a number of public health organizations, including the American Cancer Society. “If you think you’ve got insurance and you don’t, or you think you’re insured for something like cancer or heart disease. And then you file a claim and they suddenly say, ‘That was a pre-existing condition, we’re not going to cover it’ or ‘We might not cover it for a year, like we did before the Affordable Care Act was passed.’”

Honestly, I'm surprised it took them this long to come up with such an "initiative." This is not radically different than the GOP's support of payday lenders and other borderline fraudulent activities, since the responsibility for making the "proper choice" falls directly on the shoulders of those who will be suffering. That's the Republican way: Sink or swim. Of course, they're not going to be standing by to help when you start drowning, because teaching you to swim is not their true goal. Walking away from responsibility is really all they're after. But this isn't just a belief in the non-existent invisible hand, it's part of a concerted effort to destroy Obamacare once and for all:

HB 933 comes as the Trump administration continues to take steps that many believe are weakening the Affordable Care Act. Last week, the U.S. Justice Department said it wouldn’t defend the ACA’s individual mandate, which requires individuals to purchase health insurance, against a lawsuit filed by attorneys general from Texas and 19 other states.

Starting next year, there will be no tax penalty for individuals who don’t follow the individual mandate. Last fall, after the Congress failed to repeal the ACA outright, the Trump administration said it would end cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers, further increasing premiums. And this week the Justice Department argued in court that the ACA’s ban on charging higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions are invalid.

They couldn't repeal and replace formally via Congress, so (as usual) the book of dirty tricks comes out. If they were using that book to help people, it might be understandable. The "greater good" and all that. But this is going to kill people, maybe a whole lot of people.



Rick Scott on pre-existing conditions

Florida Governor Rick Scott recently said that people with pre-existing conditions "don't take care of themselves".

With the GOP, it's all about blaming the victim. If you've got cancer, gotten raped, you're gay, you're poor, or happen to be the wrong color, it's all your fault.