NC private and charter schools rake in millions in COVID 19 relief loans


I don't think that word "struggle" means what they think it does:

A year’s tuition at Asheville School is more than $60,000 for live-in students, $35,000 for day students. In the last fiscal quarter, the school’s endowment was $43 million.

Yet the school’s leader said COVID-19 tested Asheville School finances in unique ways, making the $1.7 million it collected in federal pandemic relief necessary.

It's a simple fact, the wealthy live in a different world than the rest of us. And their world is more important to the Trump administration and Congressional Republicans than our world is. And of course Art Pope's education puppet Terry Stoops tries to rationalize this unnecessary funding:

“The whole thrust of the program was to ensure that money got out into the economy as quickly as possible,” said Terry Stoops, director of education studies at the Raleigh-based John Locke Foundation, a conservative-leaning thinktank. “I think had there not been that type of urgency, we would have probably seen more restrictions on what kind of institutions, businesses could receive the money.”

North Carolina private schools like Cape Fear Academy in Wilmington, Davidson Day in Davidson, and Salem Academy in Winston-Salem obtained loans between $1 million to $2 million. Others, like Carolina Day School in Asheville, secured north of $2 million.

Mark your calendars folks, Civitas just gave a nod to the importance of stimulus funding in the midst of recessions. But that's not enough for yacht clubbers like Betsy DeVos; she decided to reallocate funding designated for public school systems so private schools could have even more money:

Some private schools also will receive federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds after U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced a policy to redirect portions of CARES Act money from public school districts to private schools.

DeVos should be dragged in front of (several) Congressional Committees to explain why she thought it was a) necessary, and b) her prerogative, to redirect funding approved by Congress. It doesn't do any good to "control the purse strings" if somebody like Betsy DeVos can just reach in there and grab hundreds of millions when it pleases her.