NC News Wire

I mentioned before the new feature down in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen: the NC News Wire. Here's some more information.

Unlike just about everything else on this site, we don't add any editorializing to the NC News Wire items. It's simply a list of links to articles that are floating to the top of various news searches and that have something to do with North Carolina. This means that you should feel safe putting the News Wire on your own blog, no matter your political inclination. Here's how:

Simply copy and paste the following code into your template wherever you want the list of links to appear:

<style type="text/css">#creditfooter {display: none;}</style><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script><noscript><p>Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: <a href=""></a><br/>Powered by FeedBurner</p> </noscript>

If you need any help doing this with blogs powered by blogger, WordPress (or blogsome), Drupal, or Movable Type, just let me know—I can probably help. Heck; I'll try to help no matter what. Enjoy!