NC National Guard to recognize same-sex marriages

In case you missed it, here's a September 9th story about the NC National Guard announcing that they will recognize same sex marriages:

The North Carolina National Guard announced Monday that it will begin recognizing same-sex marriages, a policy shift that could have substantial financial help for families not previously eligible for the same federal military benefits awarded to heterosexual couples.

Spokesman Lt. Col. Maury A. Williams said the Guard will abide by U.S. Department of Defense orders extending benefits to the same-sex spouses of uniformed service members. Williams said couples who wed in states where same-sex marriage is legal can begin applying for benefits immediately.

"In accordance with all applicable DOD directives, rules and regulations, we will do our best to facilitate effective and efficient assistance for these service members and their partners," Williams said.

And what about Amendment One?

Asked for Gov. Pat McCrory's response, spokeswoman Kim Genardo replied Monday evening that the payment of federal military benefits doesn't involve state funds. She did not comment on the potential conflict with North Carolina's gay marriage ban or whether the governor's staff was consulted prior to the Guard's announcement.

Raw Story notes that three states, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas are refusing to follow the DOD guidelines and Florida is considering joining their ranks as well.

Anyone serving in the National Guard or have a spouse that might comment on how the NC Guard's recognition of same-sex marriages might conflict with Amendment One? Do spouses get any benefits or preferential treatment when it comes to any NC services?