NC Libertarians support non-partisan redistricting

Press release from the Libertarian Party of North Carolina

RALEIGH (April 15) - Adding a plank supporting an independent, non-partisan redistricting process was one of the changes made to the platform at the Libertarian Party of North Carolina state convention held April 4-5 in Durham.

Libertarians also adopted a plank calling for proportional representation for the state legislature.

The new redistricting plank reads:

"Voters should choose their legislators, not the other way around. We support a redistricting process conducted by an independent, non-partisan agency for all local, state, and federal electoral districts. The process should be open and transparent. It should involve significant public input with the opportunity for citizens to weigh in on proposed district maps.

"Party registration, voting history data, and the incumbent’s place of residence should not be used to create the districts."

“The Republican and Democratic parties have shown by their past performances that they are more interested in preserving their political power and guaranteeing retention of their office holders than they are in bringing about truly representative government,” the committee said in its report.

The convention also adopted recommendations to revise the plank Democracy, changing the title to Ballot Access and adding a second plank Representative Government calling for “a proportional representation electoral system for the state legislature in order to better reflect the diversity of voter opinions.”

The Platform Committee's first recommendation was to reappoint the committee and have it undertake a comprehensive review of the party platform.

At the executive committee meeting following the convention, former state party chair Barbara Howe was appointed to chair the platform committee and recruit members for the project. Party members interested in serving should contact Howe at,

The revised Immigration plank calls for North Carolina officials to refuse to cooperate with or assist federal officials “in enforcing federal laws which infringe on the liberty of travel, residence, and employment” of any person.

The approved revision to the War on Drugs plank calls for the immediate legalization of marijuana production and use for medical and recreational purposes as a first step toward lifting all drug prohibitions.


Good stuff, Liberty Point

Glad to see the Libertarian Party speaking out and speaking up on these issues.