NC legislature's agenda for higher ed reform

Since the NC legislature seems to be taking its marching orders from Art Pope's various and sundry foundations and "think" tanks, it always pays to keep an eye on what they're up to.

NC Policy Watch has a post containing a presentation that the Pope Center for Higher Education made at the annual gathering of the State Policy Network.

Expect these themes to emerge in the next legislative session or in discussions in the McCrory administration in coming months.

Notable among Shaw’s remarks include “there’s a lot of fat in higher ed budgets,” and that good policies are “frustrated by leftwing faculty.”

Pope...err, I mean, the "Pope Center" sees the future of higher ed being with private companies, rather than state funded institutions. Of course, they didn't mention that for-profits have a lower-quality educational experience for the students and your Federal tax dollars subsidize them through student grants and loans. Nor did she mention the millionaires connected with the Koch bros that are pushing to privatize and push liberal politics out of higher ed.