NC legislators endorse Obama

This from the Obama folks today.

Raleigh, NC – Today 29 members of the North Carolina state legislature endorsed Senator Obama, citing his ability to inspire and bring people together to move our country forward, and put an end to the divisive politics of Washington that have stalled progress on the great challenges facing our nation. The legislators’ endorsements are the latest addition to Obama’s grassroots movement for change, which has come to encompass a broad spectrum of North Carolinians – from the grassroots level to representatives in United States Congress – who will vote for change on May 6.

Here's the list:

Tony Rand, Senate Majority Leader, Cumberland
Doug Berger, State Senator, Franklin
Charlie Dannelly, State Senator, Mecklenburg
Katie Dorsett, State Senator, Guilford
Anthony Foriest, State Senator, Alamance
Linda Garrou, State Senator, Forsyth
Malcolm Graham, State Senator, Mecklenburg
Clark Jenkins, State Senator, Edgecombe
Edward Jones, State Senator, Halifax, Perquimans
Eleanor Kinnaird, State Senator, Orange
Vernon Malone, State Senator, Wake
Floyd McKissick, State Senator, Durham

Dan Blue, State Representative, Wake
Alma Adams, State Representative, Guilford
Angela Bryant, State Representative, Nash
Jean Farmer-Butterfield, State Representative, Wilson
Becky Carney, State Representative, Mecklenburg
Bill Faison, State Representative, Orange
Richard Glazier, State Representative, Cumberland
Larry Hall, State Representative, Durham
Ty Harrell, State Representative, Wake
Pricey Harrison, State Representative, Guilford
Sandra Hughes, State Representative, New Hanover
Marvin Lucas, State Representative, Cumberland
Grier Martin, State Representative, Wake
Annie Mobley, State Representative, Bertie
Henry Michaux, Jr., State Representative, Durham
Edith Warren, State Representative, Pitt
Michael Wray, State Representative, Warren



All I can say is, it took them long enough! Obama is clearly the new voice and face of change that this country needs!

good to know

Just wanted to say how much I love Ellie Kinnaird.

me, too.

She used to represent us, once upon a time, down here in Moore Co. Those were the good days.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi
Pointing at Naked Emperors

I was also wondering

If anyone had put together a list of Presidential endorsements offered by current candidates in local races (besides those who are running above). I know that both Purdue and Moore have endorsed Obama, as has Jim Neal. There's a bunch of others that I've seen, but I can't think of them all off the the top of my head. I search for a list but I couldn't find one all in one place and just wondered if anyone knew of one and could link.

Clinton's new allies to launch Willie Horton ad against Obama

Creator Of Willie Horton Ad Releasing Attack Ad On Obama

Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2008 By MICHAEL SCHERER
An old right-wing attack dog has returned with a new target: Barack Obama.

Starting Tuesday, a group of conservative activists led by Floyd Brown, author of the famous Willie Horton ad used so effectively against Michael Dukakis in 1988, will begin a campaign to tar Obama as weak on crime and terrorism, a strategy that aims to upend Obama's relatively strong reputation among Republican voters.

"The campaign by Hillary Clinton has not been able to raise Obama's negatives," said Brown on Monday. "It is absolutely critical that Obama's negatives go up with Republicans."

Brown says the initial effort, a 60-second spot called "Victims," will be aired later this month in North Carolina and e-mailed to between 3 and 7 million conservatives this week, with a plea for more funding to further spread the message. "All of the efforts I have ever done in my life have been significantly funded," Brown claimed, though he declined to describe the size of the purchase. "This is going to be the most Internet-intensive effort for an ad debut ever."...

After Pennsylvania...

Please forgive me for quoting a Nixon campaign slogan, but after Pennsylvania, we need a big win for Obama in NC..."now more than ever!" Please re-double your efforts. Disagree without being disagreeable. Let's show the world what we are made of.