NC Insurance Commissioner Continues to Clean Up Streets from Criminal Fraudsters

As noted on previous posts here and elsewhere, Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin and his dedicated team of law enforcement officers continue to clean up the streets of North Carolina. Go to here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Easily you will note that no fraud is too small for the Commissioner and his team to go after.

Since North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin took office in 2008, criminal investigators have received more than 11,500 complaints, resulting in 550 arrests, 300 criminal convictions, and more than 115 cases currently pending a court appearance. These arrests have resulted in more than $47.6 million in restitution and recoveries for victims.

These law enforcement results signal strong consumer protections at work.

Insurance scam artists, embezzlers and bamboozlers beware -- the Capeless Crusader will be on to you before you know it!

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