NC House Republican staffer misuses state owned computer

h/t Laura Leslie

Tuesday, Republican Representative Efton Sager's legislative assistant used a state owned computer and a state owned email account to forward an email calling President Obama a pompous ass. Apparently she intended to send it to Republicans only, which would still be a misuse of state property and taxpayer money. Unfortunately for Shirley Winstead, she sent it to both Republicans and Democrats.

Ms. Winstead has received what many of us will feel is an inappropriate email on a state owned email address and then forwarded it on. She is wasting time and tax payer dollars instead of doing her job. It makes me curious just how many emails of this nature are forwarded through our state owned email addresses. ( I wonder how much an FOIA request would cost? )

Ms. Winstead, please tell your friends and family that you shouldn't receive personal emails on your work email account. You might want to pass that advice along to your boss as well.

WRAL's coverage:


For the record

I might not like the email, but I only deem it inappropriate because she is receiving on a state owned computer through a state owned email account. It is rather mild as these emails go.

Her boss says she is a nice lady and I'm sure for the most part that is true. She may be one of the nicest people in Raleigh, but I imagine a truly nice person would have deleted the email and asked the sender to refrain from sending any others.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.