NC House Committees are now available online

Speaker Hackney announced committees today in the NC House.

They are now available online at the web site here.

A couple of interesting things to me:

Second term (and very capable and promising) member Rep. Angela Bryant got a chairmanship.

Rep. Grier Martin is no longer chair of Homeland Security/Veterans Affairs. He moved to an Appropriations sub-chair specializing on transportation.

I'm still looking over the lists.

Anything of interest to anyone else?


Laura Leslie's rundown

Some good Progressives got moved up. Grier Martin is co chairing the Appropriations subcommittee on Transportation. And Pricey Harrison is co chairing the Appropriations subcommittee on Natural and Environmental Resources.

And the new chair of the Science and Technology committee is Ty Harrell.

"Keep the Faith"

Verla Insko still powerful in the House

As far as I know Rep. Verla Insko doesn't have a "titled" job like Majority Leader, but from her committee assignments it seems she is pretty powerful.

Appropriations Vice-Chairman
Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services Chairman
Education Subcommittee on Universities Vice-Chairman
Health Chairman

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