NC House Committee Recommends Healthcare Fixes

North Carolina's House Select Committee on Health Care has come up with some recommendations for the full House to consider when they reconvene. (In a short session like 2006, the legislature can only consider certain types of bills; one of these includes bills that come as recommendations from a committee.) What follows is dreived from reporting by the Winston-Salem Journal. I'm working on getting a copy of the recommendations themselves.

The proposals include:

  • A tax credit for small businesses that help to insure their workers;
  • A high-risk pool to cover those who can't buy coverage (this is a great idea);
  • A cap on counties' Medicaid exposure (which I take to be a legally-binding promise to the counties that they will not pay more than $X for Medicaid);

A note on that last one: the Journal reports that "North Carolina is the only state that requires counties to pay a fixed percentage of the state's share of Medicaid, projected at $470 million for the fiscal year ending June 30."

More details as I have them.