NC GOP unveils "election integrity" committee to attack voting rights


Soon to be renamed "Buck's Clusterf**k":

The committee will be chaired by Buck Newton, a former state senator from Wilson who ran unsuccessfully for attorney general in 2016. Other members include GOP officials, lawyers and political consultants from across the state.

During a panel at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Whatley said the absence of voter fraud in North Carolina last fall was due to the NCGOP’s disproportionate spending on legal resources — the party spent three-quarters of its annual operating budget on legal expenditures, he said — to scrutinize the electoral process.

And a big chunk of those legal expenditures went to arguing in the (US) Supreme Court that a deadline extension on receipt of mail-in ballots, made necessary by Louis DeJoy's relentless attacks on the US Postal Service, was unnecessary and an invitation to voting fraud. Or something along those lines. But guess what? Republican voters were strongly represented in those late mail-in ballots:

Of the mail ballots that were accepted after Election Day, 3,819 came from registered Democrats and 3,759 came from registered Republicans. There were 5,929 mail ballots from unaffiliated voters.

Though there were slightly more Democratic ballots than GOP mail ballots, Republicans were overrepresented, based on their statewide registration.

About 36% of the state’s registered voters are Democrats and 30% are Republican.

In the pool of accepted post-Election Day mail ballots, 28% were from Democrats and 27.5% were from Republicans.

In other words, that deadline extension was more of a benefit to Republican and Unaffiliated voters than it was to Democrats. And yet, Republican lawmakers want to do away with late-arriving mail-in ballots, even those within the normal 3-day window. That's not about election integrity, it's about voter suppression: the fewer the better.



A Civil Rights issue

Another big concern here are the "integrity volunteers" they'll be recruiting which, I'm sure, will be dispatched to areas with high minority turnout to outright harass voters or try to get absentee ballots tossed out.

This is the stuff of third-rate dictatorial regimes.