NC GOP hypocrisy on Eminent Domain

When government does it it's bad, but private corporations? That's "beneficial.":

The measure would place a constitutional amendment on the 2022 general election ballot for North Carolina voters to change the language to prohibit the taking of private property by eminent domain "except for a public use." It still would allow utility and other service companies to acquire property to connect services for customers.

"We found through the explicit experience of other people, some here in North Carolina, that for benefit can mean a lot of things in the courtroom," Riddell said.

The absolute last person who should be promoting this is Dennis Riddell. Literally dozens of his own constituents are battling with Mountain Valley Pipeline (Southgate) to keep from having their property stolen from them. It's not local government that's threatening them, it's a private, for-profit company. And of course Pope's Puppets are fully on-board with this:

An Apex homeowner has a faced a long-term court battle over her property after town officials used eminent domain to acquire a sewer easement across her land in exchange for compensation from a developer in 2015. The court ruled in favor of the homeowner in 2016, but Apex successfully appealed the case. The property owner has counter appealed.

Mitch Kokai, a senior political analyst for conservative think tank John Locke Foundation, said it is good to see the House make another attempt at limiting eminent domain abuse, but lawmakers should do more to safeguard North Carolinians' property rights.

"The bill could be even stronger in protecting fundamental property rights, but it's good to see lawmakers are willing to address this significant issue," Kokai said.

Understand, a sewer easement is a temporary hardship that will soon be completely unnoticeable. The landowner won't be able to build a structure above it, but these lines are literally everywhere. But here's a possibly more important factor: moves like this save taxpayer dollars, by making the lines shorter and easier to pump/transport wastes. You take away the government's ability to do that, and everybody will pay for it.



So they're actually proposing...

limiting this only in terms of what government can do? How is putting in a sewer line (a literal public service conducted by a government) somehow less of a public use than taking land for a permanent natural gas pipeline whose main purpose is to make the company that runs it more profitable by making it cheaper to transport their gas and enabling them to buy that gas from a cheaper source? This is typical GOP free-market fundamentalism, wherein a private business has free reign to do whatever it pleases, everyone else's property rights be damned, but god forbid that a government wants to do something to improve services.

Yeah, the government is evil,

even though citizens have chosen them. And private companies are good, even though they are driven by profits and not accountable to those same citizens.

It's undoubtedly a fucked up belief system, but the wealthy love it, so it's not going away anytime soon. It has to be voted into obscurity, something that is a lot harder than it should be.