NC GOP: Classic example of overreach (PPP survey #’s)

Since January, Republicans in the General Assembly have been working to turn North Carolina into South Carolina. Voters are taking notice and not liking what they see: destroying public schools, punishing unemployed workers, and proposing all sorts of wingnut legislation (none of which focuses on creating jobs).

Public Policy Polling’s latest survey of likely 2012 voters shows them rapidly moving away from Republicans in the NCGA. 40% of voters have a favorable opinion of the Democrats in the General Assembly now compared to only 34% who view the Republicans positively. The GOP is down a net -8 points from March when it was 38 positive, 39 negative. Today’s poll has both parties at 43% negative.

From PPP:

There are any number of reasons that could be responsible for the declining popularity of the new majority but one thing that's definitely contributing is strong public opposition to the proposed GOP education cuts. Only 22% of voters support an 8.8% cut to the K12 system with 64% opposed. Just 29% support a 10% cut to the community colleges, with 58% opposed. And only an equal 29% support a 15.5% cut to the UNC system with 44% opposed.

Stam and his wrecking crew refuse to budge, and without Governor Perdue wielding her veto pen we would already be on our way to becoming South Carolina. If there ever was an election that is critical to North Carolina's future, this is it. In 2012, we need to get her back.

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I got a call on this PPP. It

I got a call on this PPP. It took a while and I thought it was kind of amusing. Some of the interesting questions they asked included my opinion of the new NCSU Basketball coach hire ( I like it), my opinion of Debbie Yow (I support her), which I had a more favorable opinion of: the NAACP or the KKK (I picked NAACP) and the weirdest of them all: which side do you wish had won the American Civil War (War Between the States)! I went with the Confederacy since I couldn't vote against my ancestors. I'm sure that threw them off. Funny I couldn't find those questions at the PPP website. I would love to see how those turned out. Does anyone understand the polling science enough to explain what purpose those odd questions serve? Did they throw my result out since I voted against the Klan and for the Confederacy?

I'm a moderate Democrat.