NC Democrats Take Fight to "Do Nothing" Congress

This afternoon brought a nice contrast to the lack-of-agenda NC Republican's campaign to take the NC General Assembly (i.e. Jim Black is a bad guy). The North Carolina Democratic Party's blog posted an entry on the federal GOP controlled "Do Nothing" Congress. So, Democrats running against widespread incompetence; Republicans running against lack of integrity of one man. Now I think that is a good argument against Black, but it is not a good reason to dump our Democratic General Assembly, especially when the alternative is a Republican General Assembly, which would turn into a "Do Nothing" General Assembly on our state level.


Important Lesson

There's an OLD lesson in politics. Anybody But ___ movements only work when the alternative is a good option. The Republicans, apparently, completely failed to learn that lesson. I am glad that we have good options to match their failures.

Lyndon Helton for NC Senate

"Keep the Faith"

Washington vs. Raleigh?

It's a good contrast after this session of the General Assembly. Regardless of what you think about Jim Black, Democrats in Raleigh got things done--minimum wage, innocence commission, raising teacher pay, ethics reform. The NCDP has a list here. The Republicans want to run North Carolina like they've been running Washington. We can't let them.