NC Chamber behind the nixing of increased unemployment benefits


Insert an angry, frustrated observation in this space:

The chamber opposed the proposal to expand the state’s maximum unemployment benefits by $50 a week, Starling said.

Starling said the way that proposal had been written, it wasn’t clear if the extra money would go to everyone receiving unemployment, or only people receiving the maximum amount. And without a financial estimate of how much it would cost, he said, many businesses were wary of potentially having to pay more into the unemployment system in the future.

Yeah, nevermind the fact that extra $50 would be injected directly into the economy, at a time when that economy needs it desperately. Oh no, the possibility businesses might have to contribute an extra few dollars into the unemployment insurance fund sometime down the road is intolerable. But what is tolerable to the Chamber are the loans the government is giving them:

The North Carolina Chamber of Commerce, which represents businesses around the state, worked closely with lawmakers on several provisions that made it into the final version of the bill, including $125 million in funding for small business loans through the Golden LEAF Foundation.

The nonprofit group launched an initial round of small business loans in March and almost immediately ran out of money due to the high demand. Ray Starling, the chamber’s general counsel, said this extra $125 million will supplement other loans and grants coming in from the federal government.

“That’s going to be very helpful for small businesses,” he said.

I'm sure it will be. Maybe you can use some of that money to have your cold, dark heart removed, and replaced with a real one.



I just love...

how the Chamber likes to pretend that everything is about businesspeople. You can practically hear the cry, "without them, there wouldn't be jobs!" Except that they always conveniently forget that without those working people, the very same businesses they pretend are islands of their own making wouldn't exist or have customers. I've long since run out of patience for these business-oriented idiots who understand only as much of economics as benefits themselves.