NC is #1...again

Another year, another top ranking for NC in the business climate department.

Don't believe me 'cause I'm some crazy blogger on BlueNC? Then trust the pros at Site Selection magazine.

They even start their article with this line about NC's consistent ranking about such supposed better business places as Texas, Virginia, or South Carolina.

How has North Carolina managed to rank No. 1 in Site Selection’s annual business climate rankings eight times in the past nine years?

When the fools who know nothing about running a business - yet draw paychecks from Variety Wholesaler's largesse (that's the Locke Foundation idiots who work at a "think tank") - speak yet again about how hard NC makes it for businesses, tell them to take yet another piece of proof of their lies, and go start a business in another state.

But..wait for it... the Puppetshow's benefactor incorporated his company in NC, rather than any other southern state.

Lies are lies, and the nattering nabobs of negativism can't prove otherwise.

Need some more connecting of the dots?

Recent item: just click on over to the news of the Democratic Commissioner of Insurance Wayne Goodwin lowering workers' comp rates. That's yet another lowering of a cost of doing business here in NC.

Recent item II: A committee of the General Assembly is meeting today (check the calendar on their web site) to figure out what to do about our state's agrarian tax structure in a service-based economy. Why? Because NC taxes fewer services at lower rates than almost any other state.

So, anyone telling you -- locally or statewide -- that NC makes it hard on business, is selling something or some other location...badly.


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Puppetshow Organ?

I'm sorry. I think you men puppetshow tool, right?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Organ. Tool. Member.

They're all just silly appendages.


The prophecy is fulfilled!

Puppetshow hacks dismiss NC ranking by citing old rankings in their own articles.

The nattering nabobs of negativism linked to above got around to reposting an old "fact sheet" of their own that is somehow supposed to refute the economic development professionals at Site Selection magazine.

But since this old argument makes no sense, they trot out a rant against NC's unemployment rate.

Let's take a look at that, shall we?

Those GOP paragons of lower taxes in South Carolina surely have lower unemployment than our Dem-lead NC, right? No.

The generous person might think these free-marketeers are just poorly trained researchers at a think tank who can't find first source data that obliterates their desired outcome.

The truth is..they just lie.


Well said.

It must be hard out there for a JLF "expert."

And, your point is?

I went to that site and saw that NC and SC both have unacceptable unemployment rates. I do not know who is to blame here. I will not say that NC is good and SC is bad because one is better than the other. Both seem to be extraordiarily bad.

I am not sure what point you are trying to make here. Is it to somehow make some point that one politician or philosohpy is better than the other in some way?

Enlighten us, thanks.