NC-11 Upgraded from Leans Republican to Toss-Up

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI just received this from the Heath Shuler campaign:

"Friends, I have some great news to share with you today.

Just yesterday the Cook Political Report, one of the most respected political newsletters in the country, moved our race from “Leans Republican” into the “Toss-Up” category. This is excellent news for the campaign and another sign of our growing momentum.

Your help and hard work have been invaluable in getting us to this point, but now we have to keep up the pace. We need to show our opponent, and all the political observers here and across America, that we continue to be one of the top campaigns in the country."

Now's the time to donate to the Shuler campaign. Today's the last day of the fundraising quarter, and your dollars today mean more perceived "viability" for our candidate, Heath Shuler. If you wait until tomorrow, your dollars won't mean nearly as much.


Done. Done.



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