NC-11 - let the mudslinging begin (+ possible bluenc media repository?)

on my way back to work from getting lunch, i heard the first salvo from the taylor campaign on the radio. it's an ad addressing immigration; the gist of it essentially claims that heath shuler and the rest of the democrats running for congress across america are going to stage some kind of overthrow with the help of "california liberal nancy pelosi" and the votes of illegal immigrants.

i fully intend on posting this audio for everyone to hear as soon as i get my hands on it (this weekend sometime, if not sooner). but i was thinking - wouldn't it be cool to have some sort of one-stop media repository for negative campaign ads, allowing visitors to analyze, critique, and poke holes in some of the ridiculous state-wide smears that the gop's so-called "mighty wurlitzer" will be serving up in the coming weeks?



That is a good idea. I like it. Let us know when you have audio.

will do!

i'll post an update as soon as i get the file uploaded.

Does anyone fall for that

"San Francisco Liberal Democrat" b.s. anymore?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

no fooling

it's almost as if ol' chainsaw had nothing all that bad to say about shuler (other than the fact that he's a "rookie" - har har football pun that's funny duh), so he decided to smear nancy pelosi instead.

sadly, his base as a whole is stupid enough to believe that shuler = pelosi, and that somehow shuler is responsible for all those pesky mexicans sneaking across the border and taking our jobs and dating our pure-as-the-driven-snow daughters...

i can't wait for the shuler campaign to start driving the message that taylor = abramoff.

"Payed For By Taylor for Congress"

That tag at the end sounds like it was literally phoned in. Is anyone but the already hard-right going to believe that Democrats plan to take over congress so that illegals can vote?

How many bills has Taylor

introduced in Congress to "fight" for our borders?

Oooh, that's right.


Great Work Syntax!!!!!............

And to awnser "wannajumpmyscooter", I can tell you this there are 180+ veterans bills before committiees,some before his Approprations Committie, NONE of which is he a sponsor or co-sponsor! Info comes from Thomas Library of Congress & the GAO.

He is takeing credit for the vet clinic in Franklin,NC which he says HE got. The truth is all the VA had to do was buy the parcel of land as a Retired Major General who is a Member of Franklin Post #108 DONATED THE BUILDING!! AND ALL SERVICES WILL BE PRIVATIZED & CONTRACTED FOR! Also if you need specialized care you still have to go to Asheville which I will do anyhow as the drive is better.

Taylor made the statement

This clinic will help 3,200 vets

I call that a total load of crap because he did not fight for the old District Memorial Hospital in Cherokee County which as Prime stuff. There are probally 6-7500 vets in Graham & Cherrokee Counties alone not to mention Clay & Swain Counties. Therefore ,Taylor & the VA DID NOT accomplish nothing!

The NEW VA Hospital Administrator told one of our VFW Post Members it could be anywhere between 2 & 10 years before they are in it! Pass this info to any & all friends you have that are vets!

i've already done the lte thing...

here's what i sent to the citizen-times yesterday:

This afternoon I heard the first salvo of mud from Charles Taylor's re-election campaign on the radio – an attack ad concerning immigration. In the ad, Taylor didn't have anything negative to say about his opponent, Heath Shuler, except that he is a Democrat and, in a lame attempt at a football pun, a "rookie". Instead, Taylor attacked Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and patted himself on the back about how he was fighting for border security.

Regardless of whether or not his draconian stance on immigration is the right one, the fact that he has gone negative this early in the campaign without anything really substantial to say about his opponent is a sign that Taylor knows that his House seat is in danger, and that he will take desperate and irresponsible actions in order to keep his job.

The ad ends with a voiceover, saying that "we need Charles Taylor in Congress." If losing Taylor means losing a corrupt banker who openly refused to give back money he received from Jack Abramoff, who voted with Tom DeLay 94% of the time, and who voted in favor of weakening ethics rules, I'll gladly take the alternative.

(btw, the "write an lte" function here @ bluenc works great!)