NC-10 - Pat's in a Panic

From Roll Call:

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R) pre-empted an embarrassing cash-on-hand tie with his unknown general election opponent late last month, loaning his campaign $175,000 on June 30, the last day of the quarter.

Roll Call

Now where do you think little Pat found $175,000 to loan to himself?

More from DKos:

NC-10: Despite hanging in an R+15 district, everybody's favorite young wingnut, Republican Patty McHenry, is in fear for his political life.

Facing a remarkably talented opponent in Democrat Dan Johnson, McHenry was on the verge of trailing in fundraising for the second quarter. So rather than suffer this embarrassment, our man McHenry decided to loan his own campaign $170,000, for good-PR purposes.

I think it's safe to say he's feeling some electoral pressure from Johnson this year.


Johnson's a good guy.

I keep up on the race pretty closely and it looks to me like Johnson is running a smart campaign. The district finally has enough people waking up and saying "Oh my goodness" in embarrassment at the person they have for a Congressman.

Pat's fighting for his life because if he loses this job, he's screwed. No one with any sense is going to hire this particular ex-Congressman. I doubt he could even get a job lobbying. Would you listen to him if you were an elected official in Congress? I sure wouldn't. Nobody would. That's kind of sad.

Had a conversation with a friend about him yesterday.

About Johnson, not McHenry. I think NC-10 is in play because Johnson is a great candidate, one who will appeal to all of the voters in that district, not just the Democrats. As long as he (and his campaign managers) keep their wits about them, I think he'll win. I sure wish DramaQueen was here to glory in that in person. :)

Can we, instead, start talking about "for the good of North Carolina?" --Leslie H.
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Johnson matches his district

He's a relatively conservative Democrat. I've heard nothing but good things about him and love that he is making the little lap dog squirm.

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A Bad Sign for the R's if the 10th is shaky

I don't think Daniel Johnson is quite "unknown." He is pretty impressive. (Of course, he might be unknown to Roll Call, since he has not held federal elective office before).

But I take the point. The NC-10th is one of the two most Republican districts in NC. Patty Mac ought to be able to bring that home.

Except that people are sick up and fed* with the Repubs. If Patty Mac loses the 10th, I have to believe Barack has a shot at NC in the Electoral College. And, if THAT's true, then Barack may win 40 states.

Not sure if y'all saw this, apropos this subject from just after the primaries....

*Props to Cheech Marin for the "marinprop"

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Not to be a topic cop...

...especially given my own contributions of dubious relevance from time to time, but...

Is the NPV really germane to this discussion thread? The NPV isn't going to affect the outcome of the 10th Congressional District election.

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