NC-08: Now rated "Leans Republican"

After posting a dismal take in fundraising last quarter, RealClearPolitics has moved Rep. Larry Kissell's 8th district from "Toss-up" to "Leans Republican."

Interestingly, though, RCP is the only outlet to make such a drastic call. Cook Political continues to report the race as a toss-up, and CQ Politics continues to rate it as "Leans Democratic."

Regardless of the disparities in ratings, though, it's clear Kissell isn't looking at an easy win after Harold Johnson successfully defeated Tim D'Annunzio in the Republican runoff. I'm not sure how I feel about this race right now, as I'm not sure how I feel about Kissell at this point -- an ambivalent feeling I'm sure is shared among others here at BlueNC. Nevertheless, I felt this call by RCP, hidden among many other rating changes, was worth a mention here.


After being a troll here

I decided to come-out as a poster. Posts like this did it for me to be honest. I have seen so many posts by the admistrator here and others that tend to support most of what James says in a bad way against Kissell. I now see posts that favor Kissell in what seems to be because he is a democrat and losing that seat would be a bad thing in that it would mean a loss of power for democrats and not because it would mean a better representation in the congress. I don't like Kissell and don't want to go into that. It is easy to find a poll that supports YOUR CANDIDATE. It is also easy to find other polls. I wonder just how those here on this blog really feel about Kissell now and if they have changed their opinion about him why they did that.

Party loyalty

Party loyalty is a big part of what drives American politics. I liked candidate Kissell in '06 and '08 a lot more than I like Congressman Kissell over the past two years, and when considering whether he deserves to be re-elected, I do believe he betrayed citizens of the 8th district and some of his most loyal supporters when he voted against health care reform. That said, though, when looking at the midterms, I'm not as concerned as some pollsters and pundits about the possibility of a Republican takeover, but I still have some reservations. Kissell is a nice guy, but he's not the most politically savvy man in Congress, and that's really where I become conflicted. The alternative is simply not at all appealing, but yet I don't want to see Kissell to be re-elected and feel validated in opposing the president's agenda and what many of his supporters would like to see as law.