NC-05: Voices of the District

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Meet Roger Sharpe

Roger Sharpe has once again proven the power of the netroots, or maybe just showing the people what an actual ethical person looks like is the real trick. Either way, the people of the 5th District has been vocal about Roger Sharpe and their hopes for a return to old-fashioned America. You know, the one we had in 1999 - the good ol' days of free speech and a land where torture at the hands of the American Government was an idea so outlandish it would have been laughed at.

Liberty, how retro.

Here is a collection of opinions of the citizens of the 5th District from the red-leaning Winston-Salem Journal.

Hit the flip


Virginia Foxx's voting record demonstrates how little she cares about the middle class and the welfare of people in the 5th District, i.e., her votes to cut funding for student loans and Medicaid; her vote to provide less privacy controls over medical records; and her vote not to have an up-or-down minimum-wage increase, etc. Personally, I think her vote against paying for stem-cell research is her most inane, asinine vote.

The vast majority of frozen embryos are thrown in trashcans. President Bush said that it is immoral to use them for research. To me, it is immoral to throw frozen embryos away, when they could be used as research that might help people who have Alzheimer's, diabetes, Parkinson's or spinal-cord injuries have a better life.

Bush and Foxx allow frozen embryos to be thrown away. They will not let us use them for research, but we can throw them away. Isn't throwing them away murder by their standard?

Surely people will not vote for Foxx, a person who prevents the efforts of science to use what would be thrown away, to find cures and treatment that would allow people to have improved quality of life.



Thank you very much for your thoughtful and well-reasoned editorial endorsing Roger Sharpe for 5th District congressman.

I hope all the thoughtful citizens of the 5th Congressional District will take the information in this editorial into consideration as they enter the voting booth this fall. A vote for Virginia Foxx will just be a vote to continue the policies of the current congressional leadership to do nothing to address the needs of middle-class Americans. I am very concerned about the 40 million Americans who do not have health care. Health care is a human right and should not be reserved only for the wealthiest citizens of our country.

I am also very concerned about the war in Iraq and Foxx's complete misunderstanding of the situation. Things are not going well in Iraq, and we need leaders who understand that change is needed.

Overall, the United States needs a change in national leadership so that important issues that have been neglected can be addressed. The citizens of the 5th District can help bring about this needed national change by voting for Roger Sharpe for Congress.




Voters in the 5th Congressional District should check the record of Rep. Virginia Foxx. Do they agree with her assessment that the war in Iraq is going well? Do they remember that Virginia Foxx was one of only 11 in Congress to vote against the post-Katrina aid package and that she voted for a bill that would require people to have a passport or a driver's license to vote? Is it OK for her to hide behind the armor of a gated community and special interest money, while our brave men and women have to buy their own body armor? Whose best interest is she working for, her country and district or her special-interest groups?

Look at some of Roger Sharpe's qualifications. Roger was raised on a farm and knows what hard work is like, attended N.C. State University, Harvard, Oxford and Union Theological Seminary. Roger held positions under President Reagan and President Carter. Roger also served as one of North Carolina's youngest state senators, serving six counties in the 5th Congressional District.

Those who think Washington is going the wrong way should vote for Roger Sharpe on Nov. 7.




I was appalled to read that Rep. Virginia Foxx visited Baghdad and returned to report that things are going well in Iraq. Now, I am appalled to read that, when asked what her top priorities will be if re-elected, Foxx "declined" to respond ("Foxx, Sharpe Keep Close to Parties' Platforms," Oct. 16). Excuse me?! She "declined" to say?! Why? Because the White House hasn't told her yet?!

Blind allegiance to a failed presidency is a recipe for further disaster. It is this unquestioning, lock-step loyalty of the Republican Congress to the Bush White House that has allowed our nation to slip into this dreadful mess.

Those who agree that things are going " well" in Iraq, those who want a representative in Washington who asks "How high?" when Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove order her to jump, should vote to re-elect Virginia Foxx. But those who believe that a change of course is necessary should vote for Roger Sharpe. When asked what his top priority will be if elected, Sharpe answered "Bring checks and balances to Washington," something that Virginia Foxx has proved that she is either unwilling or unable to do.

Let's clean house on Nov. 7 and chart a different course for our nation.



A Republican friend and I agree that we must hold the Bush administration and ourselves accountable for our many problems. We disagree on how. He says our present representative can speak to the president. She is communicating with him, apparently always saying, "Yes, sir." "No, sir." "How high, sir?"

There is one way that Bush - who continues to be "in charge" for two more years - will hear our plea for accountability. Voters in each district must send representatives - people such as Roger Sharpe - who can join others insisting on accountability.

We found support from many overseas after Sept. 11, but the present administration has squandered that support with its unilateral, arrogant attitude toward the rest of the world. We must hold Bush and ourselves accountable for this foolishness! Our present representative seems incapable of such responsibility.

What about wiretapping of U.S. citizens? What about appropriate Hurricane Katrina response? What about our $3 trillion national debt? What about Iraq? What about adequate support for our soldiers - overseas and when they return?

Surely many Republicans, Democrats and Independents are asking themselves these questions. Let's send Roger Sharpe to ask them out loud! How else can we hold Bush and ourselves accountable?



OK, Democrats! Virginia Foxx has made it clear for these long two years that she wants absolutely nothing to do with us. Let's all turn out to vote and show her that the feeling is mutual!




My first 18 years of life took place in Iredell County. I now live in Forsyth County. My vote on Nov. 7 favors a Statesville area candidate, Roger Sharpe, for the 5th District. The reason is not my connections with Iredell County, but the difference between Roger Sharpe and Rep. Virginia Foxx. She has failed in almost every responsibility of her office.

Serious Democrats, Republicans and Independents should clean "House" in November because of the disgraceful record of so many now in office.

Foxx has let our district down in every important challenge. She praised this misplanned and misguided war in Iraq (which is now a frightening failure). She has supported illegal surveillance of our privacy, while backing a failed presidency and Congress.

Billions of dollars have been spent in vain in Iraq, increasing the national debt to unheard-of figures and creating multiplied enemy terrorists, plus killing possibly 655,000 Iraqis and almost 3,000 American military men and women. Foxx has supported all this. She has "thumbed her nose" at us during Republican scandals in high offices. She doesn't deserve my vote.

It's time she was put out to pasture. I encourage support for Roger Sharpe.



While I am certain that Rep. Virginia Foxx had no knowledge of the Rep. Mark Foley affair, her continued support for House Speaker Dennis Hastert makes one wonder if she thinks that everything is "fine" on Capitol Hill. Just like in Iraq.



This One Is Mine

The first vote I ever cast was for President Ronald Reagan. The night of the 1980 election, I took pictures of the celebration at the Republican Headquarters in Dobson for Surry Central High School's yearbook. There was an optimism in the air ... we could do anything.

Now the party of Reagan can do nothing right, and I don't believe Reagan would endorse Rep. Virginia Foxx. There would be plenty of reasons not to: her support of House Speaker Dennis Hastert covering up the Mark Foley scandal, her abandonment of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina victims and voting for Big Oil tax cuts.

I can't see where the 5th District has improved any since the departure of President Reagan from the Oval Office. Since then, the 5th District has lost all three of its biggest industries: tobacco, textiles and furniture. Nothing has been done to reverse this trend, and no plan is currently on the table to even remotely fix it.

Instead of supporting Hastert's sex-scandal cover-ups, maybe Foxx should have spent her time repairing the economic damage done to the 5th District.

Since she seems incapable of it, I will ... at the voting booth next month.