Nazi for hire: Ukraine refuses to extradite NC man wanted for murder

If it walks like a Nazi, talks like a Nazi, you know the rest:

As he fought with Right Sector in Ukraine, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Kansas, he mentored Jarrett W. Smith about fighting with far-right paramilitary groups in Ukraine. Smith, who also served in the U.S. Army, later pleaded guilty to explosives-related charges.

Federal prosecutors in Kansas said Smith spread information about bombs and recipes for homemade napalm on the social networking site Telegram, while discussing plans to kill a Democratic Party politician and blow up a media company headquarters. The indictment did not identify the media company, but CNN reported that it was the target.

First of all, this article describes him as an Army veteran. He was booted out after going AWOL, se he doesn't deserve that "veteran" designation. But even if he had stayed in and was honorably discharged, plotting acts of domestic terrorism makes him guilty of treason, another reason to not refer to him as a "veteran." But aside from all that, the Ukraine has no business protecting a cold-blooded murderer:

Then, back in the United States in 2018, according to federal prosecutors in Florida, Lang and a fellow U.S. veteran of the Ukraine war, Alex Zwiefelhofer of Wisconsin, robbed and murdered a couple to raise money to travel to South America, where they hoped to join a right-wing paramilitary group fighting the Venezuelan government.

Zwiefelhofer was arrested, but Lang moved back to Ukraine. Both were charged in 2019 in relation to the murders and for violating the Neutrality Act, for their mercenary plans in Venezuela. Lang, in the interview, said he was innocent of these charges. Zwiefelhofer has pleaded not guilty.

The robbery/murder in question was a pure set-up, an agreement to meet and purchase weapons:

On the night of April 9, 2018, the sheriff’s office in Lee County, Florida, received 911 calls reporting gunfire in the community of Estero. Deputies searched the area but didn’t find any sign of a shooting.

Eight hours later, deputies responding to another 911 call found a red truck riddled with bullet holes. Serafin "Danny" Lorenzo Jr., 53, was shot seven times. Deana Lorenzo, 51, had 11 bullet wounds.

Investigators determined the Lorenzos withdrew $3,000 in cash and drove more than two hours from their Brooksville, Florida, home to buy guns from somebody listing them for sale on a website called Armslist. The seller, “Jeremy,” told them to meet at a church in Estero. “I’m at the church,” Serafin Lorenzo wrote in his last text message.

Investigators used cellphone records and social media messages to link the suspects to the killings.

Yeah, don't do that. Don't carry a bunch of cash to go buy something from someone off the Internet. People get ripped off all the time doing that, although they usually don't get shot to pieces.



I've got my eye out...

For him (or anybody else) to defend this guy. I am sick and tired of this mercenary bullshit.