Navy (f)Lies Again

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The US Navy's Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement will be coming out soon, but there's no mystery about what it will say. Against all reason, the Navy will be continuing its misguided scheme to put pilots at risk, destroy family farms, and wreck one of the most treasured wildlife refuges on earth.

How do we know this is still their plan? The Washington Daily News has the story.

A $10 million U.S. Department of Defense request identifies Washington County as the Navy’s outlying landing field site before the release of the court-ordered Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement that examines the effects of choosing that spot.

Tagged “NOLF Washington County,” the line item indicates $10,060,000 would be used for outlying-landing-field facilities and land acquisition. The appropriation request is part of the Department of Defense’s proposed budget for the coming federal fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1. The proposed budget was sent to Congress earlier this month.

“This removes any pretense that the Navy’s supplemental environmental analysis will be the objective evaluation of alternative sites the law requires,” said Derb Carter, an attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center. “We now know the Navy’s long-awaited study will be nothing more than an attempted justification for a decision already made,” Carter said in a statement.


“It appears one more time that the Navy is not following the laws of the courts,” Doris Morris, spokeswoman for North Carolinians Opposed to the Outlying Landing Field, said Tuesday. “The Navy said it would look at other sites open-mindedly, and the fact that they’re asking for money for Washington County before the draft SEIS comes out shows that they’re not following proper procedure.”

If you're as upset about this as I am, it's time go ballistic. It's time to ask every elected official in North Carolina why the hell they're not up in arms about this travesty.

We already have two candidates for Lieutenant Governor on record against this: Dan Besse and Pat Smathers.

We have Congressmen on record too: David Price and H.K. Butterfield.

We have two Bushbot Senators who apparently could care less about their North Carolina constituents: Richard Burr and Liddy Dole.

And we have deafening silence on the part of every candidate for governor.

Pretty damn pathetic, if you ask me.


PS I asked for help on writing a bill a few weeks ago and a couple of people said they would. Any progress to report?


I gotta say

I forgot about the bill.

If they already have funds appropriated prior to a EIS being accepted that is a pretty big deal.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

I'll email that staffer at Pat's

See what's up. Maybe give her a shout . . . I'll copy your summary of the known but scarce opinions of our so-far unimpressive elected representatives.
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the drama.

The job of our elected officials

is to protect the rights of their constituents. Their silence is a screaming endorsement of the Navy's illicit behavior.

We should all call Dole and Burr's offices tomorrow and insist they take immediate action to safeguard their state against the military's unlawful activities.

Will do.

I've mostly given up calling them, but this one can't be ignored. Thanks for the nudge.

illegal actions by the military

What the U.S. Navy has been doing and is continuing to do is going against what our country is suppose to stand for. The U.S. Navy has no regard for our government, our laws, our citizens, our wildlife and our land. The U.S. Navy’s position is: What the Navy wants the Navy gets!

Now the U.S. Department of Defense is requesting money for an OLF at the Washington County site before the court-ordered Navy study has been completed. What the U.S. Department of Defense is doing is illegal. The following steps must be made before any money can be delegated: (1) release of the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS), (2) public hearings and comment period for the public on the Draft SEIS, the Navy is suppose to evaluate the public comments as part of the study (3) release of the Final SEIS and (4) a Record of Decision made to select an OLF site. The site selection can not be made without this process being completed.

The Department of Defense and the Navy must be called to account on violating the laws of our country. What the Department of Defense and the Navy are doing needs to be exposed. The Navy has selected the site before the court-ordered study has been completed. The Navy is continuing to “reverse engineer.”

Congress must used the powers given to stop these illegal actions by the military. Contact officials in D.C., Raleigh and throughout our nation and tell them of the illegal actions the Department of Defense and the Navy are doing.

beware the military-industrial complex – President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961

With enough voices

and guts we can stop the Navy. We have to believe in ourselves and know we are doing the right thing. Dole, Burr, the governor and others are in hiding because the onus is on them. It is their duty to stand up and vocalize their disgust over the Navy's criminal activities. The governor should be requesting Roy Cooper to slap a lawsuit on them immediately. If the Navy is permitted to break the laws of the land, then so is everyone else. The Navy is setting a precedent that should hold up in any court for all crooks.

If we citizens sit back, watch and do nothing, are we not just as culpable and the onus is on us as well?

Don't Forget -

To call on your relatives & friends who live out of state. Have them write to their Congresscritters, too.

The more they hear about this issue, the more likely they are to investigate.

My gf in MI answered the call and wrote to Sen. Levin; my gf in OK answered the call and wrote to hers as well.

Louder! Louder! Any buds in CA? WA? ME?

The next letter goes out to my bud in Canada. (international treaty don't ya know) ;)

That's the spirit, thank you!

We are blessed with many many good people from all walks of life and party affiliations who understand the Navy is reaking havoc on the lives of their fellow Americans and are very willing to help.
Thank you.

In the back of my mind.....

Didn't I know this was going to happen again? Didn't I *know* that the Navy can't be truthful or honest about the OLF they desire.

Before you know it, anything east of I-95 will be owned by the DoD.

Check this site out. Click under North Carolina & see how many are already abandoned!!

It's apparent they have a history

Buy - build - abandon.

Must be nice to have all those taxpayer dollars at their disposal.

One fact I wonder if has been mentioned....

I've read what most everyone has posted about the OLF. However, did any of you know the richness of the natural peat in the soil surrounding the Navy's proposed OLF site? Natural peat is highly flammable. Back in 1985, the land around Lake Phelps (which is just a "hop" over from proposed OLF) burnt appx. 95,000 acres of land.

Could we stand that if a jet were to crash, due to a collision with a 20 pound migratory bird? Jet fuel + natural peat = disaster

Like to read more about the fires & natural peat? Go to:

And that's not in the enviro

assessment? Amazing.
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the drama.


I hadnt heard about that. Pretty scary thought that this is even a proposed site.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

Gregflynn Junior :)

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Adding fire to the fuel

Actually I've been on a Fire Team that was managing a large fire at the Dare Bomb Range. They don't use live rounds but sometimes flares attached to the rounds start fires.

Peat fires are particularly difficult to put out. It usually involves pumping millions of gallons of water from miles away to saturate the ground and often involves constructing or clearing large irrigation ditches. The strategy with most wildland fires is not to "put it out" but to contain it and let it burn out safely.

At DBR the wooded wetlands generally stay wet. Between the water, bears and snakes it is inhospitable to foot traffic. When the trees are burning the the only way to contain a fire is to push the trees over with semi-amphibious heavy dozers and push them underwater.

It's quite a sight to stand on a 100 foot fire tower at Stumpy Point and watch a tanker plane scoop water from the Sound while moving and, fly over to a plume of smoke in the distance with helicopters and small planes swarming like bees over the trees. Some helicopters drop smaller quantities of water on hot spots and some act as spotters for dozers on the ground. (The water doesn't usually put a fire out but is intended to slow the spread to unburned areas and to temper it so that it can burn out safely.)

It's quite an operation and, it's quite expensive.


Letters going out to the Senators of the great state of California from one of their constituents.

My buds are the best!

Big Surprise: Navy Picks OLF Site C

Despite the concerns of environmentalists about a nearby wildlife refuge and a resurgent red wolf population, the Navy still prefers to build a jet landing strip on a site in eastern North Carolina, according to an environmental impact study released Friday.

WVEC TV | Charlotte Observer | WRAL TV

Make Some Noise -

Refute, rebuke, expose.

Get the word out.

Leave your input here.

Still In the News

How about a little comment action? As long as people are talking about it, it will remain in the news.

The more people talk about it - the stronger the opposition becomes. Site C makes no sense. We know it, we need to make sure the Navy knows it because it's obvious they don't know how to read a scientific report.


Go leave a comment for the idiots who think this site is a good idea.