National Popular Vote - Good Idea for NC?

Here's the basic idea: You pass a law saying that in a Presidential election, no matter what happens here in North Carolina, our electors go to the candidate who wins the national popular vote. The law wouldn't kick in until states representing 270 electoral votes (the barest majority required to win) pass the same law. The effect would be to reduce the electoral college to a mere formality. (I don't have to tell you how this would have changed 2000.)

Colorado is moving on this, as are Missouri, Illinois, and California. Should we be trying to do this in North Carolina?


There are a handful of competing

models for how to rethink the EC . . . as well as a bunch of other stuff around proportional voting, instant run-offs, etc. So I'm guessing it would take a big convocation with all the stuff on the table to come up with serious election refort. That said, these seems like a good idea to me.

Not gonna happen

The Electoral College is here to stay folks. They wont be getting rid of it until a Republican loses an election by it. :)

From Deep In The Heart Of Texas

From Deep In The Heart Of Texas