National News Roundup 3/22

From The Washington Post: So which Bush is telling the truth? The one who said we would have a majority of troops home by the end of the year or the one who says they will stay until after '08. Typical Bush style - leave your mess for someone else to clean up. You've been doing it your entire worthless life you whiney little (*$)(%^#$*#(%)($$^*^. Bushies buddies get all the cash. They are doing their damndest to rip the Constitution to bypassing the process that turns a bill into a law. Chertoff endorsing security at chemical plants, but is he going far enough?

I apologize for the venom this morning. I have a very bad migraine and I'm just not feeling very generous toward the Bush and his bots.

More news you need to know on the flip side...

From The New York Times: Bush concedes his political capital has been eroded by Iraq about it has depleted it completely! Can we please help get these people home already? Enough is enough. Our government is abusing its own laws? This is news, now?

From The Chicago Tribune: Duckworth wins the nod over Cegelis. We have a Fighting Dem! Now we will hear the excuses from the FBI about why they didn't let their agent pursue him further.

From BlueNC: Tim Dunn, Iraq War vet, drops out of 8th District race citing financial issues.
Excellent article informing us about IDEA and why the Republicans won't fully fund programs for disabled children. Take Action and bring Jerome and Markos to North Carolina.

From Newsweek: Revisiting this because it looks like Clift is going to be proven wrong. The longer this goes on, the more bad things happen to Bush, the more likely it is the American people will be behind censure and it won't matter what Congress says. Bush administration so incompetent, they can't even decide on a scapegoat for the Katrina debacle.

From Time: I SO want to join the Raging Grannies, but why was the FBI investigating this peaceful group? Are kids too wired for their own good - my 12-yr-old says she isn't as she read the Time article with her Ipod in her ears. (Actually, she doesn't IM during homework)

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More Bush BS

This time it's the IRS wanting to make it easy for businesses to BUY YOUR F*CKING TAX RETURNS. Thankfully the N&O objects to this very bad idea with a straight and honest editorial.

"At a time when privacy seems at a premium, and with a president whose administration has at times seemed not all that concerned about protecting civil liberties, the IRS's timing stinks. But so does this idea."

Wonder what's going on at the N&O editorial page. Looks like Steve Ford must be eating Wheaties these days. Whatever the reason, I'm glad to see the paper taking a clear stand for integrity and the common good.