National News Roundup 3/21

Happy Primary Election Day in Illinois. Good luck! I just love the excitement of election day!

From The Washington Post: Even the President's success stories about the war are failures. Old forecasts about the war have been proven completely and utterly wrong - our soldiers were greeted with IEDs, not flowers - big, BIG difference. FBI wouldn't let one of their agents get a warrant to question Moussaoui before 9/11. Maybe he shouldn't be the only one on trial. Chertoff's a smart guy, but the wrong one for the job. Isn't the cow already out of the barn on this one?

From The New York Times: You just had to know the insurance companies would find a way into the terror business, right? Republicans pitch to firefighter's union: "We know we stink, but the Democrats are worse." Western states facing droughts and flood - those red states musta ticked God off BIG TIME.

More news on the flip side..

From The Chicago Tribune: Cook County will be testing new high tech voting machines. Taliban gone or are the fundamentalists in Afghanistan just using another name.

From USA Today: First developers surround National Parks, then they buy them. Experts saying bird flu pandemic will reach the US this year - a pandemic for birds, not humans. Is this an attack on reproductive choice, or just an attack on women?

From Newsweek: Sharon Stone's just a nutcase....but I know you guys love to look anyway.
NRSC is digging for dirt in Dixie. (Their headline, not mine) AIPAC: the murk clears up a wee bit.

From Time: Are the Iraqi police the problem or the cure? The politics of fat - first our livingrooms, then our bedrooms and now the kitchen?

If anyone has any suggestions for other media sources to check periodically please leave them in the comments and I will add them to the list. I would welcome the change. Please go here for original content. Thanks and check back tomorrow.




SD, you're doing a wonderful job with this. Thank you so much . . . I know it is a big effort. I've looked far and wide for other sources and I think you're working with a great cross-section.

I just wish the news wasn't so damn depressing all the time. Makes me really eager for Saturday funnies.


PS The Time story on Iraqi police confirms what any thinking human being has known for the past three years: There is no cure for what is going on in Iraq. That cow has left the barn, too.

I do enjoy doing this

I find a lot of articles I might not otherwise read. When I'm not reading an article completely, but just getting the feel of it, this usually takes me about 30 minutes. When I get bogged down in reading too much it takes me hours. (But I learn a lot!)

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