National News Roundup 3/20

From The Washington Post: Bush remains blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to the war. Press is finally getting the right picture of a completely disorganized, inept Republican party. The Pentagon paid this man millions for useless technology thanks to the Republicans he bribed. Speaking of the they are outsourcing sensitive intelligence jobs.

From The New York Times: Bush and Cheney are the only two people in the world who think things are going well in Iraq. Iran, like America is a country where its people and its leaders sing a different tune. There is hope. Not all Bush cronies are incompetent jerks, but we're still going to give him time.

More great stories found on the flip side...

From The Chicago Tribune: More than 7000 peacefully protest the war in downtown Chicago. Trust your gut is cutting edge psychology? Will a battle shape up over gay adoptions?

From BlueNC: Kent Kanoy goes on the record for the 4th District. Interesting history lessons even if you aren't from North Carolina. We aren't even going to bring up basketball, but if you must know...Dook is still in it.

From San Diego Union-Tribune: Bush speaks on anniversary of the war and doesn't mention the word war once. Doolittle should have stuck with talking to the animals.

From Newsweek: Is Rahm Emanuel what the Democrats need to pull together? IEDs are crippling American soldiers in Iraq in more ways than one. Should the U.S. bail out Mexico's failing economy?

From Slate: Bush IS the problem.

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I would say the Preznit is in the denial

stage of grief. But then, he's lived his life in denial.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.