National News Roundup 3/18

From The Washington Post: Carolina Wins! ....and so do NC State, Boston College and Dook. Mary Landrieu(D-La) and the Republicans vote to destroy Alaska so that New Orleans will get a few bucks. Rep. John Boehner not very different from DeLay afterall. Secret Service agents impersonate reporters from Fox News and receive verbal reprimand.

From The New York Times: Graft in New Orleans? Nah...say it ain't so! Congress maxes out the new debt ceiling. Judges (Thank you, thank you, thank you) vote for clean air and healthy lungs by overturning a clean-air regulation of Bush administration that would have eased restrictions on pollution producing industries.

There's a bit more on the flip side..

From The Tampa Tribune: Katherine Harris takes a page from Bush and sticks to controlled campaign stops.

From Newsweek: Those who survive are still casualties of war. Another take on the Dubai Ports World deal.

From Time: Are we ready for mad cow? After George Bush, a mad cow should be a breeze.

I will beef this up as more news sources are updated. Please go here for original content.