Nation of Morons

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The net is, the highest paid public servants in the vast majority of our states are...guess and basketball coaches. With due deference to sports fans, this is certainly, to me, wrong and symbolic of much of what's wrong in America. In addition, we taxpayers are being shortchanged. We pay taxes to support our public learning institutions, and they use our money to provide scholarships to people whose most apparent significant value to our society is the ability to sent a ball thru a round hoop, etc., and who could care less about getting an education. And, their excesses (DWI or sexual perversions, for example) are ignored for the "good of the team."

The recent (regarding military intervention in Syria) and ongoing discussion of American Exceptionalism...(listen to the radio..."broadcasting from the greatest nation on earth") is so absurd that I can't decide whether to celebrate our "exceptionalism" by going blind or going bowling.

A nation in decline...hastened along by our legislators in Washington and Raleigh...and our Universities where sports trump science and engineeering and literature and medicine. Oh well, let's hear it for the jocks...rah, rah, sis-boom-bah..fadada--fadada------fadadada-deeten-boten, sis-boom bah...morons, morons, pay 'em big money, one and all!


When politicians, consultants or politicos...

...steal from the Democratic Party, or steal great from the DNC Convention in Charlotte, it's also ignored for the "good of the team".

By ignoring that bad behavior, we continue to allow these grifters and con-artists to prey on our party and citizens.

Can't wait for these jerks to be "outed" for the "good of the team"!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting