Nasty Politics in New Hanover! Senator Bozeman in big time trouble?

Boseman, former domestic partner default on loan; house to be sold at auction

Wednesday, June 4, 2008
State Sen. Julia Boseman and her former domestic partner have defaulted on a $1.3 million mortgage on this house at 1526 Portsmouth Place near the Intracoastal Waterway in New Hanover County. The house, as seen on June 4, is now expected to be sold at public auction later this month.

State Sen. Julia Boseman and her former domestic partner have defaulted on a $1.3 million mortgage on a house in a ritzy subdivision near the Intracoastal Waterway.

The house is now expected to be sold at public auction later this month after Boseman and Melissa Jarrell, the head softball coach at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, failed to pay months' worth of bills on the loan from Regions Bank.

UNC-Wilmington announced the resignation of softball coach Melissa Jarrell on Friday, citing personal reasons.

Jarrell coached at UNCW for seven years, compiling a record of 149-250-1. This past season, the Seahawks finished 12-33-1 and 3-18 in the Colonial Athletic Association.

“Melissa and I met two weeks ago and had a lengthy conversation about the direction of the program,” Kelly Mehrtens, UNCW’s athletic director, said in a statement. “Because of personal reasons, she feels it’s in her best interest to resign at this time. We appreciate her many contributions to the program and wish her the best of luck in the future."

It was reported Wednesday that Jarrell and her former domestic partner, state Sen. Julia Boseman, had defaulted on a $1.3 million mortgage on a house near Figure Eight Island.

Boseman and Jarrell, who lived together and were raising a son before separating, had the mortgage on the house at 1526 Portsmouth Place in the Avenel Subdivision .

Coach quits

In the statement from UNCW, Jarrell said: "I've enjoyed my time here at UNCW. I’ve had tremendous support from the team and athletic administration over the last seven years. The program continues to grow, and I think it will continue to flourish.”


Thanks, Frank

I was going to make the same point.

Pay Attention Dr Lawyer! This is deep crap going on here?

In NC, a person can remove their own name from a deed without having to notify the other co-owners of the property. Of course, the person that receives the transfer only receives the transferor's interest. So, if Julia sought to transfer her 50% interest, the transferee would actually only receive Julia's 50% -- no more or no less.

However, Julia can NOT transfer her name off of the mortgage without the bank's permission and the bank is NEVER going to agree unless they are adequately covered by the other owners.

In this case, it sounds like Julia is not a formal owner of the property anymore, but I strongly suspecther name remains on the mortgage. So, interms of her credit rating, it is going down the sewer. I doubt she cares.

Julia appears to be in a Thomas Wright Corner?

Julia has another problem! Her reported 2006 IRS income does not match up with the big time living expenses according to court transcripts. The Republicans are all over this......see below...

Some aspects of what you might call personal life are indicative of character. A candidate's character is something worth considering before casting a vote. Generally speaking, the way one runs their personal life is usually the way one runs their professional life. Your opinion on Boseman's service is just that...YOUR opinion and one which I do not share. If I were to run for any political office, I would indeed expect my entire life to be put under a microscope, so why shouldn't she? No, I'm sorry, Julia and Melissa will NOT "figure out this situation". The court will decide. They do not have a child together, as that child was born to Melissa and I am of full knowledge that she knows the biggest mistake of her life was going through with the adoption of him with Julia. Melissa has recently had twins, a boy and a girl, by artificial insemination with the same donor as HER precious first son (meaning all three of Melissa's children share the same DNA. What a politician does in his/her private life doesn’t really concern me too much if it doesn’t affect his/her performance as a public official and isn’t reflected in that performance. If a public official abuses drugs that probably does affect her performance. If she engages in activities that reflect her character and core beliefs but her public persona does not reflect those character traits and beliefs, I think the public has a right to know and question which image, the private one or the public one, is the “real” one. I personally know the "real" one of Julia. Have you read the transcripts? Were you in that courtroom? In the end, if justice is served, Julia will be exposed and Melissa and her 3 children will be happy and surrounded by love with the support of the entire Jarrell family. I do not wish a public hanging. If she had any integrity at all, she would step down but of course,

You are reposting this as a partial discussion

The response posted above is from a post I made on the WSN forum.

So, I guess I will follow up here to give clarification to the partial bit of info you are posting here.

Yes, I have read the transcripts. It was difficult to read because I felt like I was invading Julia and Melissa's privacy. I know both of them- I like and respect both of them.

What you and others, who wish to destroy Julia are constantly forgetting to acknowledge is that Julia made the decision to go to court to secure her role in their sons life. The transcripts that you and others have enjoyed posting all over the web- never include the breaking point that lead to the case and subsequently all of the private turmoil being blasted everywhere by Julia's distractors.

There was a phone call made by the Defendant in which she threatened to 'drag Julia through the mud'. They as a couple had reached the point of no return.

Now, with regards to the 'n-word' I have worked with Julia on numerous occasions, I have enjoyed an adult beverage or two with Julia, I have never, ever, heard her use the 'n-word'. When I read that, I knew right away, something wasn't right. It didn't make any sense.

Julia is the person who sits beside a friend in the hospital for 24 hours straight. She's the woman who, when a young transgendered wilmington girl committed suicide offered to pay for the funeral expenses. This past primary cycle, Julia was out flyering cars with the candidate she was supporting in the special election to replace Rep. Wright. It didn't make her popular with some of the folks in the community. Flyering churches the Sunday before an election is not a glamourous job- it's trench work. How many other elected officials were out banging the pavement- tucking flyers?

There are many more stories of the personal Julia, that didn't make it into the court transcripts.

Seems Max has flipped back to the GOP

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Dr Frank is establishment Brain Dead Again?

Seems Max has flipped back to the GOP

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire* DrFrankLives

John! You must be out of your fuck#### mind and reading too much establishment crap. If I wanted to flip back to the GOP! I would join the new and amazing Bliderberg Nazi party. And stop quoting Voltaire! The bastard Goat riding communist is dead!

DrFrank! Pay Attention and Stop Establishment Lying about Max

If the below quotes over at Doug Clark site makes me a GOP scumbag! Than you need glasses or a new attention span brain. Julia is in deep trouble and you are attacking me for it?????......Hell son! It is everywhere and she is being tossed under the Democrat Bus by the Party Establishment..

Connie Mack Jr said:

Her Republican opponent, however, said he has no interest in making political hay out of the matter. Attorney Michael Lee said he wants voters to choose on the policies, not the people.* Star

Oh my! Than why comment Lawyer Lee?

"While I would not have made the same choices as Ms. Boseman, I do feel for the fact that she's dealing with a lot of personal issues that have found their way into the news," he said.*Star

Yeah! Sorted like Micheal Vick Dog fighting venture finding it's way into the media?

But Chris Dean, the chairman of the New Hanover County Republican Party, questioned how a lawmaker can justify breaking laws and how someone battling debt could focus on the people's business.* Star

No doubt the Chairman is trying to fiqure out how Bush got us into Iraq without breaking a law?

"If if it was me, I'd make sure my own financial house was in order before trying to make laws and focus on the finances of the state," Dean said.* Star

Can't wait until Chairman Dean Marriage starts going south one of these days.

Jim Morgan, the chairman of the New Hanover County Democratic Party, said he doubts the turn of negative news would cause supporters to abandon Boseman. The foreclosures stem from a domestic dispute, and the marijuana claims can be put be in the context of lessons learned.* Star

That's like somebody tip toeing though a minefield without a metal detector.

"Marijuana cannot be justified," Morgan said. "But it can be forgiven if it occurred five years ago and was addressed* Star

Sure the Pot can be justified Mr Chairman! What kind of Democrat are you! A Bill Clinton Democrat who didn't inhaled?

Posted on June 11, 2008 12:02 PM

Doug said:
Whatever Republicans say now, this is out there for voters to take into consideration.

Posted on June 11, 2008 12:13 PM

Senator Boseman drops the "N" bomb

It seemed that everyone the Wilmington Star News talked to had nothing but rave reviews for Senator Julia Boseman performance in Raleigh. I wonder if they talked with Nick Rhodes, Kenneth Davis, Bertha Todd, Lethia Hankins, Linda Pierce, Pastor James Utley, Herbert Harris, or the president of the NC chapter of the NAACP, the Rev. Barber.

There was quite a bit missing from this morning's propaganda squirted onto newsprint inside the kennels of the Wilmington Star News. In fact the paper was so one-sided I thought it would flip out of my lap as I read it.

Not one mention of Senator Boseman in violation of a direct court order.

No mention of the seemingly unethical accommodations in which she lives while working for her district in Raleigh. It should also be noted that the Lobbyist/housemate she shares the million dollar house with is also the one and same representative for the video poker and optometrist PACs that pushed over $100,000 into the hands of ex-speaker Jim Black's campaign.

Also no mention of perhaps the most damning act of personal character brought to light was the testimony in court that the Senator not only used the most backwoods, redneck racial slur any white trash could utter to describe the majority of her ethnically diverse constituency, but also it was testified to that the senator thought herself better than "black people" and that her friend considered the senator to be a racist. If this isn't the "nappy-headed ho" moment in local, if not state politics, nothing will ever be.

I know now why we end up with the "public servants" we do when the "free press" representative the Wilmington Star News can not do more than rubber stamp a tired boiler plated liberal agenda press release calling the outrage the public has over these many shameful acts committed by the senator, as nothing more than political mudslinging and gay bashing.

With great hope that the people will indeed rise up to overcome the great WHITE WASHING of the senator's gross conduct and unethical behavior as our elected representative I will encourage everyone and their children to congregate the evening of June 24th (Tuesday) in the public parking lot directly adjacent to the party house at 610 Trails End Road.

This is a non-partisan effort to remove the disgraced senator from office prior to the August cut-off when democrats can appoint someone else to run against the republican challenger. Should Boseman receive funds at the fund raiser she is free, by law, to do with it however she wishes. Including, one might suspect, afford another "hedonistic" vacation in Jamaica. Anything other than paying her many delinquent obligations.

I just have one question? What exactly has Julia Boseman done as senator that makes her anymore valuable than a rock?

Excuse me, but did you offer proof that

Senator Boseman said the "N" word? Sorry, but as far as I can tell, you're the one using racist language.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

this is wierd

I went to that stupid Wilmington blog and found something interesting. The document that is hosted at:

Is authored by Erica Fester. Check the file properties for yourself:

Turns out, Erica Fester is the producer for a right-wing radio show called Blue Line Radio.

Turns out she is married to Tre Benson:

"Most of the callers are men, said Erica Fester, who produces the show and is married to Tre Benson."

Blue Line Radio is part of the Big Talker FM. That's a right wing radio station in Wilmington. I wonder who owns it? A quick google search reveals it is owned by Seacom Media. Let's check their latest annual report:

N. Eric Jorgensen? Shoot. I wonder if he's politically active...

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth? Are you kidding me?

Who is Marc Benson? Turns out he is a failed Republican candidate for Sheriff:

Causey said he believes the Strickland case was only part of why the crowd came. He said another possible reason for the support was that talk-radio host Marc Benson, a former deputy and candidate for sheriff, had been planning to criticize the sheriff's office during the meeting. However, Benson did not speak.

Whatever the reason, Causey said, he's thankful for the support.

"I'm extremely proud of them," he said.

What else can we find? Looks like Tre is a member of the Wilmington Regional Film Commission:

Maybe "was" is more appropriate?

Let's keep searching! Wonder if any laws were 'broken?