Myrick Grandstanding? Or an Astounding Display of Incompetence?

Either Sue Myrick's doctor told her she'd better release some of that hot air, or she has zero understanding of her role in government. (I'm open to persuasion either way.) Myrick is calling for the federalization of some Charlotte police to do federal immigration duties.

The problem for Myrick is that in 1997, the Supreme Court, in an opinion by Justice Scalia, declared that a federal power can not accomplish a federal mandate by commandeering state police officers. (521 U.S. 898) I'd love to hear why Sue believes this to be Constitutional.


Oh No! Sue wants to nationalize our Cops?

Wow! Sue has taken it out the of the Hilter play book about federalizing our cops. This was the first thing the national socialist thugs did in Germany when they seize power with Herman Goering being appointed Chief Cop and Gestapo the whole German local and State cops into one Fatherland police force.

Sue! Are your papers in order?


Join up, let us know if this is one person or twenty!

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Actually, it's just 10

Sheriff's Deputies and Sheriff Pendergraph (a fine Democrat) bought into this to help ease the overcrowding of the jails. He has 350 illegal immigrants in his jails and we just built new. Budget won't allow us to build again. I think they plan to process only illegal immigrants who commit an aggravated felony. (Term I think they used on the teevee.) Pendergraph is very respected in this community. I just don't see him buying into something just to help Sue in her campaign against immigrants.

My only fear is what could happen if Pendergraph is ever voted out of office and a Republican is Sheriff. If that happens, we're screwed. That's the nicest way I could think to say it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The Case is Printz v. U.S., by the way

I don't know why I didn't include that in the post; it was late, and I'm sick, I guess.

There are two issues in Printz, one of which doesn't apply. There's the federalism argument described above. There's also a separation of powers argument that I wouldn't want to rely on here. Printz has to do with a federal law (the Brady Act), so it was the national legislature telling the state executive branch what to do. I don't think that's as helpful when an Agency is giving the orders.

SD, even if the program is a good idea, it still seems unconstitutional. It's weird to me that Myrick woule not know that enough to at least address it at her press conference.