My name is Anglico and I am an addict

My particular vice is blogging . . . but the negative impacts of that pale in comparison to gambling addiction. I've written about this before, but this column in the Rocky Mount paper underscores the absurdity far better than I could.

North Carolina legislators have eagerly touted the lottery's future economic windfall — all in the name of education. But they are wagering the well-being of adults with addictive tendencies who may be lured into a new vice.

While the state has committed money to curb an expected increase in people with gambling problems, it hasn't budgeted enough.

The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services will soon begin a counseling service. Brochures about gambling addiction will be available the first day instant tickets are sold March 30. A toll-free telephone hotline will be set up, and every ticket will include information about playing the lottery responsibly.

The state says it will even pay for professional counseling for some people who can't control their habits.

But only $1 million will be spent during the first year of the lottery for gambling addiction and treatment programs. That pales in comparison to the expected $8 million advertising budget that will coax men and women into convenience stores with dollar-sign dreams.

A million f*cking dollars??? At a time when we're gutting mental health services statewide, we're spending a million f*cking dollars to make up for a problem we're intentionally creating???

I have one word for this: Sick.


I used to love to play the lottery

when we lived in Ohio. I never had a dream of winning a thing, but I could buy them at the grocery store, so a buck here and a buck there was no big deal. I was amazed at the blue collar workers lining up spending $20-$30 and more each week on tickets.

It's the $8 million on advertising that galls me. The damn things sell themselves. There's no need to advertise. All it will take is a few big winners in the state and people will be lining up.

Gotta go walk the mutt.

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