My Letter to the Editor

In response to Bruce Henderson's article, Preserve land sales opposed:

This unprecedented sale of our National Forests has been proposed to close a gap in funding for rural schools. This gap was created by the reduced revenues earned from logging these same forests. At what point does selling off our land base this year assure us of higher logging revenues next year?

Will our government simply continue to sell off our National Forests until there is nothing left? This is a band-aid solution that does not address the long-term needs of our rural schools, but will cause irreparable damage to our National Forests.

----------of course I signed it and included my address/phone/email, etc. I wanted something that would resonate with everyone and feared that attacking Republicans (even though we all know it's their fault anyway) might get the wrong kind of response.

I'm thinking about using a version of this for emails to our reps/senators, etc. What do you guys think?




Looks good to me.

I think you're hitting one of the main points . . . the sheer stupidity of the idea as a financial solution to anything. Go for it!

This is a good idea.

I just created a category called "LTEs" that can be applied to posts like these. Comments and suggestions in the comments area are helpful, and it will also be helpful if the author reports back in the comments about whether the letter was published and where. If we make a habit of this, clicking through to the LTEs category page will provide not only some basic forms, but a rough guide to what makes a good (publishable) LTE.

Great work, SD!