Murdering Klansman gets parole hearing

No doubt he will have a bible in his hand when he stands before them:

The State Parole Commission is reviewing the case of a former Ku Klux Klan leader convicted of killing a 16-year-old girl with a crossbow in a racially motivated attack. Records show Hinson hit Houston in the chest with a razor-tipped arrow as she walked down a sidewalk.

Under state law, the commission reviews first-degree murder convictions every three years once a convict is eligible for parole. Of 217 cases reviewed last year, parole commissioners approved four.

He got ripped off in a drug deal, tracked the guy down but missed his first shot, then decided to kill a teenage girl because she was also black. The girl was not with the drug dealers, she just happened to walk out an apartment door at the wrong time. And then he and his racist pal got more drunk and celebrated their "brave act." Why isn't he on Death Row, you ask? Because the all-white jury couldn't agree he deserved it. I can't imagine the Parole Commission will actually release this guy, but never underestimate the impact of "I found Jesus" on the faithful.